CPI flays KCR on advisors

Hyderabad: CPI Secretary and former MLA, Chada Venkat Reddy has criticized Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for wasting public money by appointing government advisors against norms. The Chief Minister is ought to remain a custodian of public money and not waste it for his whims and fancies, he said.

In a press release here, he alleged that the KCR government is violating democratic norms to appease discontent legislators and appointing them as advisors. On denial of extension to former Chief Secretary Pradip Chandra, the CPI leader alleged that since he belonged to SC community, he could not get it was the talk among political circles. A�He attributed it to the wish of KCR for being unhappy with Pradip Chandraa��s straightforward attitude.

Venkat Reddy slammed that KCR appointed retired Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma as government advisor after giving a fitting farewell and denying the same to Pradip Chandra. He ridiculed that KCR had to withdraw six parliamentary secretaries after High Court passed strictures. He also took exception to the KCR government for adopting a surprising tradition of appointing advisors. a��NSS

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