CPI demands chairmana��s apology

HYDERABAD: CPI national member Dr K Narayana has demanded that Telangana Legislative Council chairman Swamy Goud tender apologies for making derogatory comment in the Upper House, which has great history.

In a press release here on Monday, Narayana questioned Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao whether he was accepting the chairmana��s statement by maintaining silence. a�?If not, the Chief Minister should condemn the Council chairmana��s statement otherwise Swamy Gouda��s comments would destroy the secularismsystema�?, he alleged.

It may be recalled that Swamy Goud had stated that the Hindus have to give birth to four children and dominate Muslim population. Finding fault with the Shiv Sena leadera��s statement that the Centre should remove the voting right of Muslims, the CPI leader said both Shiv Sena leaders and Swamy Goud assumed positions by taking oath on Constitution. Narayana asked whether these leaders made the word a�?seculara�� as a fashion one? Whether these leaders were speaking having knowledge on Constitutional Spirit? a�?The leadership of these leaders should know the impact of their statements. He also reminded that the BJP-Shiva Sena coalition government is ruling the Maharshtra State and NDA government ruling at Centre. (NSS)

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