Corruption in Water Grid Project: T Congress

HYDERABAD: Taking strongA�exception to the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar RaoA�calling him as a�?Uttaraa�� kumar Reddy at Nalgonda public meeting on Monday, the Telangana State Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy expressed anger at the chief minister and dubbed him as a a�?corrupt mana��.

Uttam said that he had worked for Indian Army and has character, and he isA�not like a�?KCRa��. HeA�firmly said that a�?corruptiona�� took place in theA�Water Grid project and made it clear that the Congress Party would makeA�efforts to stop theA�project legally.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday, Uttam demanded the state government to give top priority to the welfare assurances given during the elections,A�and then onlyA�give priority to Water Grid Project. He questioned Rao as to why he was neglecting the assurance of givingA�three-acre land for SCs and STs made during the elections.

He said that the government allocated 150 crore rupees in its first budget and 1000 crore rupees in its second budget to the land for SCs,A�butA�zero rupees for the land for STs scheme in its first and second budgets and questioned the chief minister as to why the government giving top priority to the scheme (Water Grid) not mentioned in the manifesto. Uttam alleged that the government giving top priority to the Water Grid project only for the sake of commissions.

Finding fault with the chief minister and Panchayatraj Minister Rama Rao for making contradictory statements on Water Grid project, Uttam said that the government canceled the first tenders and called tenders second time changing the conditions only to award the tenders to mega contractors. He questioned the government as to why it called for short tenders as it was such a huge project worth 40,000 crore rupees. The government called tenders in the first phase for Intake Wells of Water Grid project worth 1,518 crore rupees and alleged that corruption took place in it, he said.

Alleging thatA�the changes in conditions of the tenders made the Telangana contractors ineligible to participate in the process, Uttam questioned Rao, who had earlierA�alleged that the Andhra contractors looted the Telangana without allowing their contractors to take up works, as to why he has changed the tenders to benefit Andhra contractors now.

Uttam asserted that there were no details of the project worth 40,000 crore rupees.

a�?First KCR said in Karimnagar that the project will be taken up with 25,000 crore rupees in August 2014. The same KCR said in September 2014 that the project will be taken up with 30,000 crore rupees, and in October 2014, he said that the project would be taken up with 35,000 crore rupees,A�but recently the chief minister and Panchayat Raj Minister wereA�saying that the project worth was 40,000 crore rupees,a�? he said and alleged that there were no concrete project details and means of finances and how much will be allocated to the maintenance after the completion of the project and how much burden will fall on the consumers due to the project.

Stating that the project issue was not Raoa��s own family issue, but an issue of four crore peoplesa�� issue, Uttam alleged that Raoa��s family was trying to get huge commissions from the project and hence the familyA�was showing special love towards the project.

a�?KCR is saying that the project will be completed with the funds from NABARD and HUDCO. KCR is bringing the loans mortgaging Telangana peoplea�?, he alleged.

He said that the Congress Party would approach the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which was working these days actively, to stop the corruption in the Water Grid project.

a�?After-all Revantha��s a�?Note For Votea�� issue is just worth of five crore rupees, butA�the Water Grid scam is worth of 40,000crore rupees, and we will approach the ACB to take up the issuea�?, he said.

Stating that theA�minister concernedA�would own the responsibility of the scam in the project, Uttam said that he was alleging about the scam on record and made it clear that the Congress would initiate a a�?Legal Actiona�� in the case if the TRS failed to respond on his allegations.

Nalgonda DCC president Budida Bikshmaiah Goud, official spokespersons Shravan Kumar and Addanki DayakarA�were also present. (NSS)

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