Contradictory Reports On Jayalalithaa’s Death

Chennai: From the day of Jayalalithaa’s demise, Dec 5th, TN politics plunged into deep crisis with contradictory statements about AMMAa��s treatment and nature of death.

Here are a few doubts raised by Primepost Correspondent after observing the statements regarding treatment of Jayalalitha after medical summary was submitted by AIIMS and Apollo Doctors.

Jayalalitha was brought to hospital with fever and dehydration-this is what Doctors report says, Amma was in unconscious condition when she was admitted-Medical report.

OPS, ex-CM claims that he was not informed a single word about treatment, Doctors’ version is totally different saying that each and every step of treatment was informed to CM during that course.

Jayalalithaa put her thumb impressions on B-forms during by-elections, but medical reports say, she was not in a position to do so.

Now, after observing these turns and twists, politicians and common man are expressing doubts about the medical reports which are suspected to have been tampered according to directions of AIIDMK top leadership.

Meanwhile, doctors of Apollo expressed their concerns about treating VVIPs after doubts were expressed about Jayalalithaa’s death. They also fear that trust in the medical fraternity may impact due to these issues.

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