Conspiracy Of Democratic Institutions Against Sasikala


Chennai: The whole democratic system in the country appears to be conspiring to rob the opportunity of V K Sasikala Natarajan to become chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The Governor’s office, the Chief Election Commission and the Supreme Court have done their bit going out of the way to stop Sasikala in her track. People of Tamil Nadu are both amused and bewildered at the way the unprecedented political drama had been unfolding.
Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao who is duty-bound to administer oath of office to Sasikala who was elected unanimously as leader of the AIADMK legislature party on Sunday did not do so. Instead, he travelled to Delhi from Mumbai and met Home Minister Rajnath Singh and then left for Mumbai. He stayed put in Mumbai for four days while Chennai was undergoing political turmoil. He coolly reached Chennai on Thursday and met Chief Minister O Panneerselvam and Sasikala. He then sent a report to the Centre and President Pranab Mukherjee. Rao failed to discharge his duty according to article 146 of the Constitution.

The Election Commission which has been keeping quiet while floor crossings are taking place like mad in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in blatant violation of Anti-Defection Law suddenly gave a decision against Sasikala. It ruled quickly that Sasikala’s election as AIADMK General Secretary is null and void since she does not fulfil the stipulation laid by the party constitution that a person should be a member of the party for at least five years to be eligible to become an office bearer. The alacrity with which the EC gave its decision in Sasikala’s case is surprising to say the least.

Then we have our apex court which had reserved its judgment in Disproportionate Assets case against J Jayalalithaa, Sasikala and others some eight months ago. It woke up minutes after Sasikala was elected leader of AIADMKLP. On Monday, a judge of the Supreme Court announced that the judgment will be pronounced within a week. It is ironical that the SC which had instructed the high courts not to reserve judgment for more than six months kept its own judgment on DA case pending for more than eight months. It was on an appeal by Karnataka government against the judgment of Karnataka High Court which declared Jayalalithaa and Sasikala innocent.

It is a moot point that there is popular antagonism towards Sasikala. The constitutional propriety, however, demands that Sasikala should be invited to form the government particularly after Chief Minister OPS had resigned and the same was accepted by Governor Rao. Once accepted, the resignation cannot be taken back by the CM.

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