Congress Threatens To Lodge Complaint With HRC

Hyderabad: Terming the TRS leaders Talasani Srinivas Yadav and Guvvala Balaraju as “waste fellows”, the Congress leaders today said the former were too small to criticize former minister DK Aruna and demanded them to tender an apology to Aruna immediately, otherwise a complaint would be lodged with the Human Rights Commission.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Monday, TPCC spokespersons Indira Shobhan, Punna Kailash Netha and others alleged that Talasani was an inefficient minister and did nothing to the people. They warned that they would cut the tongues of the TRS leaders if they continue to speak as they wished against Congress leaders. They also warned that they would not allow the TRS leaders to move in the city if the TRS leaders failed to stop criticizing Congress leaders.

They alleged that the TRS leaders were criticizing DK Aruna only to divert the people’s attention. They also dubbed TRS leaders as betrayers of Telangana. Instead of resorting to personal criticism, the TRS leaders should answer the questions raised by the Congress leaders, they said. (NSS)

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