Congress Slams TDP and TRS for Unethical Politics

HYDERABAD: Leaders of the opposition in the Assembly and Council Jana Reddy and Mohammed Ali Shabbir have condemned the a�?unethical and immorala�? politics being practiced by both the Telugu Desam Party and Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

“I’m unable to decide whether to launch an agitation against such politics or take retirement,” said Jana Reddy while addressing the media at Congress Legislature Party office here on Tuesday. He said the politics of horse-trading, defections and other unethical means was not good for the democracy.

“I’m in serious consultation with my party leaders, followers and intellectuals on what should be done next. Living with politics of TDP and TRS is not suitable for people like us who never indulge in such unethical means,” he said.

“While we strongly condemn what Revanth Reddy has done on Sunday night to bribe the nominated MLA, we equally condemn Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, who has been encouraging defections from other parties to satisfy his lust for power,” said Shabbir Ali.

He ridiculed TRS claims that MLAs of other parties had joined the ruling party to ensure development of Telangana.

A�”Every defection conceals a different story. It is not so simple that the legislators of Congress, TDP, YSRCP or BSP met the chief minister and asked him to induct them into the party. While some went for money or favours, others went for ministerial berths or other posts,” he added.

Ali said, a�?it is strange one MLA of an opposition party is serving as minister in Raoa��s cabinet. Talasani Srinivas Yadav was listed as TDP MLA in the voters’ list for MLC elections. This exposes the height of unethical politics. He should have resigned from his post to seek fresh elections to continue in the ministerial post,a�? he said.

Stating that there must be an end to the ongoing unethical politics, Ali urged Rao to honor the Anti-Defection Law. “As a new state, Telangana should set new precedents of ethics and morals for the entire country.

Here, the entire system is going on wrong track,” he observed. He said, a�?AP Chief Minister and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu was directly responsible for the a�?Cash for Votea�� episode. He delivered long lectures for three days at Mahanadu on moral and ethics. But within hours after conclusion of the event, he swallowed his own words and tried to bribe one MLA. This is highly condemnable,a�? Ali said. (NSS)

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