Congress Slams Modi’s 3-Year Rule For Spending Rs 1500 Crore on propaganda

The Congress has launched a blistering attack on the BJP for spending money on propaganda, as the BJP is completing its third year in power on Friday.

New Delhi: Congress has launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who completes three years at office on Friday (May 26) saying that NDA government has spent a whopping Rs 1500 crore for just propaganda on “government’s achievements.”

“It’s all public money… Mr Modi and his team has squandered it… People were misled and the publicity is totally false, and the claims were far from reality,” Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma told media.

“Mr Modi’s rule was full of distractions, propaganda, falsification of facts, intolerance, and betrayal, and we demand a White Paper on the economy” Sharma added.

The Congress said it would launch a nationwide campaign to inform people on how the union government has emptied the coffers for their false publicity.

It is a struggling and gasping economy, he said. Firstly, on the Gross Domestic Product numbers, they changed the old methodology and thus there is a difference of two per cent. There is no economic growth. It is a flat growth,” Sharma lambasted.

“We demand, and we challenge, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley — as they celebrate the looting of the treasury to build a personality cult around one man — to publish on Friday GDP numbers for the last 10 years, both as per the old and the new methodologies,” he challenged.

BJP in 2014 promised two crore jobs every year, he said. He asked where they were.

“Our security is under grave threat. Modi’s Pakistan policy has been a diplomatic disaster, and we have asked him to have a clear roadmap on Pakistan. But there is no roadmap,” said Sharma.

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