Congress Removes Digvijay Singh As Telangana Affairs In-Charge

Digvijay Singh courted controversy in Telangana not once but many times with his controversial comments. Now, Congress replaces him with Ramachandra Kuntiya as in-charge of Telangana affairs.

New Delhi: A crucial development took place in the Congress Party, which was trying to revive itself after being crushed in both the Telugu states after bifurcation of united Andhra Pradesh. The party in-charge of Telangana affairs, Digvijaya Singh, was removed from his postA�on Tuesday, and he was replaced with Kuntiya.

All India Congress Committee (AICC) released a statement appointing senior leader and Congress national secretary Ramachandra Kuntiya (R C Kuntiya) as the Telangana State affairs in-charge. Another leader Satish will be his deputy.

a�?Congress President Sonia Gandhi has approved a new AICC team to look after the party affairs in Telangana,a�? said Congress General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi.

Congress hasna��t made any comments as to why they decided to remove him, but talks are making rounds in Hyderabad that Singh was removed because he was trying to bring in working president of Telangana Telugu Desam Party Revanth Reddy.

Digvijay Singh was responsible for the Telanaga affair for Congress Party since 2014.

After the terrible loss for Congress Party in both the Telugu states, Singh made efforts to recover the party in Telangana. At the same time, he also courted controversies umpteen times with his statements during his term. It may be recalled that Digvijaya made sensational and controversial comments both in ISIS sympathizers and drugs racket cases.

The TRS leaders warned him that cases will be filed against him for making such baseless comments.

Recently, TRS Minister Taraka Rama Rao responding to Digvijayaa��s tweets on drug racket, tweeted, a�?You have completely lost it, Sir. Time to retire gracefully and do something worth your age. Glad that you have at last learnt to spell Telangana correctly.a�?

Meanwhile, the reasons for removing him are yet to be known from the party senior leaders. The local Congress leaders too have not responded to this sudden change.

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