Congress, Opposition ridicule claims of TDP on women empowerment

Amaravati: As the ruling Telugu Desam-led government is conducting a three-day national women parliament convention from today, the Opposition parties took strong objections to the event and the TDPa��s claims on women empowerment. The leaders recalled the incidents of women deaths and assault on women in the State during the last two and a half years of the TDP regime.

AP Mahila Congress president Sunkara Pradmasri said that the TDP government had no right to speak about women empowerment. She alleged that the TDP had taken up the issue of organising women parliament session only to make money and not to work for the women empowerment. She said that the TDP leaders including legislators in the State were responsible for the atrocities against women in the State. a�?A woman MRO was beaten up by a TDP legislator in Krishna-West Godavari districts border. A woman was kicked by TDP leaders in Ananthapur district. Two girl students have committed suicide in Acharya Nagarjuna University and Guntur Government Hospital. Several women were exploited in the call money case and the government had protected the accused. Everyday a woman is assaulted and forced to commit suicide in this government with the involvement of the ruling party leaders. What right does this government has to claim women empowerment,a�? Padmasri asked.

The call money case in which several women were blackmailed and sexually abused was diluted by the government without even a single accused being punished. She further recalled that the accused in this case were all associated with the ruling party. She further recalled the suicides of Acharya Nagarjuna University student, Rishiteswari and Guntur medico B Sandhya Rani were also diluted as the accused in both the cases belonged to the ruling party. Referring to the physical assault on a woman in Ananthapur district by the local TDP leaders, she wanted to know whether the TDP would discuss these issues at the three-day convention and apologise to the women participants.

The Opposition YSR Congress leaders ridiculed the TDP government organising National Women Parliamentarians meet in the city. The YSR Congress corporator and leader of Opposition in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, B N Punyaseela, alleged that the TDP leaders have become notorious in committing atrocities against women. She said that several incidents were reported across the State during the last two and a half years of the TDP region and alleged that not in a single case the accused were arrested. She said that the call money case and the other cases were conveniently ignored by the TDP government. She said that a woman Thahasildar was beaten up by the TDP legislator and the blamed the government for protecting the accused MLA.

The women wings of the Left parties too have taken objection to the TDP government organising meet on women empowerment. They said that at least one woman in the State was being victimised by the ruling TDP leaders in the State everyday and wondered why these meetings are required now unless to make money through the contractors in the name of making arrangements.

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