Congress Lodges Complaint Against Amit Shah

Ahead of BJP chief Amit Shah’s one day visit to the State, the Congress leaders have lodged a complaint against him in the police station for betraying people on Special Category Status. The Congress leaders also held a protest march asking Shah to go back.

Amaravati: One day ahead of the scheduled visit of BJP national president Amit Shah, the Congress leaders have lodged a complaint with the local police and held a protest march asking him to go back.

The Congress leaders led by AP Mahila Congress president Sunkara Padmasri, senior leaders Meesala Rajeswara Rao, Akula Srinivasa Kumar, V Gurunadham have lodged a complaint with the Governorpet police station. The Congress leaders said that the BJP had betrayed the people of the State by going back on their promise to provide 10 years special category status for the State at the time of elections. They said that the BJP leaders had no right to step into the State until they fulfilled the promise.

The Congress leaders also alleged that Amit Shah had insulted the Dalits of the neighbouring Telangana State by having lunch with them that was cooked outside the Dalit village. The Congress leaders said that the BJP leader had promised to dine with the Dalits but had brought food cooked by non-Dalits which was a clear insult to the Dalits.

The Congress leaders demanded that Amit Shah be arrested for cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh and insulting the Dalits of Telangana State.

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders led by former MLA and city Congress president Malladi Vishnu held a protest march asking the BJP chief to go back. They blamed the BJP leaders for not fulfilling even a single promise that was made at the time of 2014 elections. The Congress leaders asked the BJP to stop betraying people.

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AP Congress Leaders Demand to Announce Raghuveera as CM Candidate!

Some AP Congress leaders reportedly are trying to push the party high command to announce APCC president N Raghuveera Reddy as the CM candidate for the 2019 elections.

Vijayawada: In a surprise development, a section of leaders of the State Congress on Tuesday raised a demand to name APCC president N Raghuveera Reddy as the Chief Minister candidate for the next elections.

The Congress leaders wanted the high command to announce the name ahead of the 2019 elections, in the hope of reviving the party in the State.

The Congress lost its presence in the 2014 elections, as people were hurt by the Congress’ decision to bifurcate the State. People of Andhra Pradesh, comprising of the 13 districts, felt that the Congress had done a lot of injustice while bifurcating the State.

The Congress leadership at the Center divided the State pushing it into over Rs 16,000 crore revenue deficits and without a single central institute.

The railway zone and the special category status – the promises made by the Congress Party — were all remained as promises. These actions have attracted the ire of the people who in turn defeated the Congress at every level in the elections from Gram Panchayat to the Parliament.

Now, three years down the line, the Congress believes that its position has improved and can go for the elections with Raghuveera Reddy as the Chief Minister candidate.

The Congress under his leadership has been fighting on issues like special category status and Polavaram project. The Congress collected one crore signatures and moved private member bill twice in Parliament for the special category status. It is with this issue, the Congress has been reaching out to the people and slowly regaining its lost ground.

The Congress has never in any state in the past announced the name of its chief minister candidates ahead of the elections. If it does now, Andhra Pradesh would be the first State to see that happening, and Raghuveera Reddy would be the first leader to have the credit.

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AP Cong To Project Chiranjeevi As CM Candidate In 2019 Elections?

Will the Congress party in AP under the leadership of Chiranjeevi be able to overcome the challenges from YSRCP, TDP, BJP and Jana Sena.

Vijayawada: AP Congress party have realised at last that, only a charismatic leader like Chiranjeevi can pull the cart and save the party whose strength is getting depleted day by day. State congress leaders strongly felt rasta rokos and dharnas are waste of time and energy and they would not help in attracting people with no leader like Chiranjeevi who can attract both masses and class people.

APCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy’s programmes against ruling party could not deliver anything up to the mark, State party leaders felt and expressed the same opinion in the presence of Digvijay Singh, AICC General Secretary, who visited Vijayawada recently.

Congress party under the leadership of APCC chief M. Satyanarayana Rao coupled with mass image of late YSR could win elections and come into power in 2004, and the same magic was repeated in 2009 by YSR with D. Srinivas as APCC President. But the untimely and tragic death of YSR changed the political scenario giving KCR an opportunity to intensify Telangana Statehood movement. The UPA Government yielded to pressure and the State was divided at the end of its term. This resulted in anguish aming the people of AP who pushed aside Congress party with zero seats in 2014 elections.

Scenario is almost the same at present with Congress party unable to encash the anti- incumbency and find a place people’s heart. Cadre is disturbed and leaders are tired and all of them badly need oxygen to lift the party’s morale and bring it back into lime light.

For that to happen, the one and only hope is Chiranjeevi, who is busy in film shootings and TV programmes. Even Chiranjeevi is not showing any interest to participate in party’s agitations or programmes.

Many leaders from Konaseema felt that If Chiranjeevi is announced as CM’s candidate for 2019 elections, damage can be prevented a bit. On the other hand, Chiranjeevi’s brother Pawan kalyan launched Jana Sena and making arrangements in a large scale to contest in 2019 elections.

Kapu leaders and seniors Congress leaders have reportedly decided to approach the party High Command with the proposal of declaring Chiranjeevi the Party’s Chief Ministerial candidate.

According to sources, the Congress leaders will submit a memorandum to the High Command in Delhi in the first week of next month. One has to wait and see whether this proposal will be accepted by the party High Command. Even if it is approved, will the Congress party in AP under the leadership of Chiranjeevi be able to overcome the challenges from YSRCP, TDP, BJP and Jana Sena.

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AP Congress To Release Charge Sheet On Govt Failures On June 8

To be alive in politics and to keep the party alive in the State, the Cogngress is planning to release a charge sheet on the BJP-TDP governments on June 8

Amaravati: The Congress in Andhra Pradesh, in the post-bifurcation scenario, has been trying hard to regain its lost strength. The Congress had suffered heavily and had paid huge price for the bifurcation, though all the parties except the CPI-M, have given letters to the Central government in favour of the bifurcation. However, the process in which the bifurcation was executed and the interests of Seemandhra people that were ignored by the Congress had to face the wrath of the people and pay the price.

Though the parties have been playing the bifurcation issue in their favour, people of the State continue to point an accusing finger at the Congress – not for bifurcation but for the manner in which the whole process was carried out. The arrogance that was displayed by the Congress leaders towards the Seemandhra voices and the injustice done to the region have caused serious wounds to the people and they are still afresh. The pain, anger and anguish of the people was reflected in the 2014 elections where the Congress had lost its deposits in every election it had contested right from gram panchayat to the Parliament. It had no representation in the Assembly for the first time and the chances of the party making its first victory in Andhra Pradesh in 2019 are gloomy.

The Congress despite its humiliating defeat has been doing everything to breathe life into the party in the State. The Special Category Status issue has come handy for the party to keep it alive and attract the people. The party had taken up successfully a massive signature campaign in the State and had sent 1 crore signatures to the Prime Minister. The party had also raised the issue in Parliament through a private member bill seeking special category status to the State. The denial of special category status by the BJP-led NDA and the special package in its place is not acceptable to the people, particularly the youth who had high hopes on the employment opportunities if special status is given to the State.

The ruling TDP in the State, which had sought 15 years of special category status to the state during the 2014 elections and had passed resolutions in the Assembly twice seeking it, had gone back and compromised with the special package brought forward by the Modi government. It is under these circumstances, the Congress, to be alive in State politics, is keeping the special category issue alive. The party is now holding a two-day meeting in Vijayawada where it had tried to highlight the issue of Special Category Status demand and sought to remind the people of the promises that the BJP and the TDP have together made at Tirupati, the Vatican of Hindus.

To be alive in politics and to keep the party alive in the State, the Cogngress is planning to release a charge sheet on the BJP-TDP governments on June 8. The Congress says that the BJP-TDP combine have given over 600 promises to the people during the 2014 elections and not a single promise was implemented. The party is set to collect the views of the people from village level and place it before them after consolidating it. It is to be seen how this mega exercise would help the Congress to regain its lost ground in Andhra Pradesh

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AP Congress to hold mass hunger strike at Ananthapur on March 25


Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Congress would hold mass hunger strike against prevailing drought in RAyalaseema districts on March 25. APCC president N Raghuveera Reddy would lead the hunger strike at Municipal office on the day, said APCC vice-president Madasu Gangadharam.

He told media persons that the State was reeling under severe drought conditions with the government neglecting the Rayalaseema region. Hundreds of people were migrating to other places in search of work leaving the children and aged persons at home. He alleged that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was misleading people and making huge money by using rain guns, farm ponds and sprinklers. The use of these gadgets was only a publicity stunt by the government while the crops in hundreds of acres of lands were dried up.

The livestock too is having hard time with non-availability of fodder and drinking water, Gangadharam alleged and said that the people have no option but to sell the cattle to the kabelas. He alleged that the government had failed to make an assessment of the prevailing situation in the Rayalaseema districts. He wondered why the government had not held a review meeting with the district Collectors on the drought.

The Congress said that the State was pushed into financial crisis after bifurcation as the Chief Minister was seen spending money on publicity and dramatic activities. He alleged that the government had failed to take any constructive programme to build and develop the residuary State.

The Congress leader appealed to the rank and file of the Congress across the State to join the day long mass hunger strike in support of the people of the four Rayalaseema districts.


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