Congress Leaders To Be Wooed By BJP In Telangana

BJP game plan for Telangana which aims at Congress leaders from Reddy community.

Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to have big plans for Telangana. It’s national president Amit Shah is going to spend three days here as part of his nationwide tour which he started from Kashmir.

Amit Shah will be addressing the members of booth committees in order to motivate them. The BJP has no delicate issues in Telangana as it has in AP where it is part of the ruling coalition.

The BJP is mostly confined to the city of Hyderabad with a marginal  presence in Warangal and Karimnagar district. Amit Shah would like to repeat in Telangana the experiment he had successfully implemented in Assam and Uttarakhand. The BJP won in the northeastern and northern states because of the defections by capable leaders from the Congress and Assam Gana Parishad. Amit Shah has asked his men to look for potential leaders from Reddy community in Congress.

Revant Reddy of the TDP has already been sounded and he is reportedly inclined to join the national party. Among other leaders who are favourably disposed towards the BJP are Komatireddy brother’s from Nalgonda district. They are also planning a TV news channel. They have their contracts going in BJP-ruled states. There are many Congressmen who are not happy with the affairs in the party. But they realised that their party has about 20 percent vote intact. That is why they are hesitating to get in touch with the BJP leader.

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Politics To Raise Mercury Levels In AP During May

The month of May is all set to see political parties increasing the temperature in the state? The BJP plans to have its national president Amit Shah hold a meeting in Vijayawada on May 25, and the TDP having its annual three-day Mahanadu at Visakhapatnam from May 27.

Amaravati: The ruling parties in Andhra Pradesh are set to raise the temperature levels in the State during the month of May, the hottest month of the summer season. The ruling BJP at the national level, which is riding on the victory, is set to take the mercury levels to its peak in the State with its national president Amit Shah holding a one-day meeting in Vijayawada on May 25.

Shah would speak at the public meeting in Vijayawada after completing his three-day tour in Telangana State.

The rank and file of the BJP is now tied up with the proposed meeting, which the party wants to project as a show of strength.

The BJP wants to emerge as the right alternative to the people in the state politics, next only to the ruling TDP.

The BJP leaders in the state see their place as the right alternative in the absence of the Congress. The BJP senior leaders want to project the party as the right platform for the Kapus in the State, who are fighting against the ruling TDP and not comfortable with the Opposition YSR Congress.

It is in this background, the BJP wants to increase its strength in the state politics and wants to use Amit Shah’s visit to the State as an advantage.

The TDP, which is also riding on the success of engineering defections and weakening the opposition party, is planning to use its three-day Mahanadu at Visakhapatnam from May 27.

Though the party has selected the beach city for the event, the party is set to increase the heat in the State politics. The party chief Chandrababu Naidu had been mounting pressure on the party leaders to work hard to repeat the 2014 victory in the 2019 elections.

Naidu wants to be in power for another term so as to train his son, Lokesh, as his worthy successor. He is planning to use the two projects of Amaravati and Polavaram to win the voters and get second term to complete the projects at hand.

With the mission to retain the power in the 2019 elections, the TDP’s Mahanadu is all set to increase the heat turning the entire State into a battlefield.

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Amit Shah To Visit Telangana For 3 Days From May 22

The BJP has big plans for Telangana. Party president Amit Shah is visiting the State next month for three days to participate in the meetings of booth level workers.

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah will spend three days, May 22,23 and 24, in Telangana, party General Secretary Muralidhar Rao told media persons here on Tuesday. Amit Shah would attend three meetings with booth representatives in three days.

Muralidhar Rao said the party has formed committees for 15,000 booths out of a total of 32,000 booths in Telangana. He said Amit Shah would visit Telangana again in September.

The BJP General Secretary said meeting of the National Executive of the BJP will be held in Andhra Pradesh on July 15 and 16. The party is committed to strengthen itself through activating booth level committees.

It is going to be a headlong fight against the TRS. Even if some people thought of a tie-up with the TRS, the latter’s decision to give 12 percent reservations to Muslims has made it impossible, he commented. Muralidhar Rao said the Congress and the TDP leaders are in touch with the BJP and said,”You will see what happens in six months.”

We have decided to make 5,000 persons work full time for 15 days in Telangana, Rao said. He said the padadhikaris would be working in the field for one month from May 20.

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అపోలోను సందర్శించిన అరుణ్ జైట్లీ, అమిత్ షా

చెన్నై: కేంద్ర ఆర్థిక మంత్రి అరుణ్ జైట్లీ, బీజేపీ అధ్యక్షుడు అమిత్ షా బుధవారం చెన్నై వచ్చి ముఖ్యమంత్రి జయలలిత చికిత్స పొందుతున్న అపోలో ఆసుపత్రిని సందర్శించారు. ఆమె త్వరగా కోలుకోవాలని వారు ఆకాంక్షించారు. గతన నెల 22 నుంచి జయలలిత ఆసుపత్రిలో ఉన్న సంగతి తెలిసినదే. కాంగ్రెస్ ఉపాధ్యక్షుడు రాహుల్ గాంధీతో మొదలుపెట్టి కేంద్ర స్థాయి నాయకులు, గవర్నర్లు, ముఖ్యమంత్రులు  జయలలితను చూసే నిమిత్తం ఆసుపత్రిని సందర్శిస్తూనే ఉన్నారు. రాహుల్ గాంధీ తర్వాత కేంద్రమంత్రి ఎం. వెంకయ్య నాయుడు చూసి వెళ్లారు. కేరళ ముఖ్యమంత్రి పినరాయి విజయన్, పుదుచ్చేరి ముఖ్యమంత్రి వి. నారాయణసామి చూసి వెళ్లారు. అలాగే, మహారాష్ట్ర-తమిళ నాడు  గవర్నర్ సిహెచ్. విద్యాసాగర్ రావే కాక, కేరళ గవర్నర్ పి. సదాశివం కూడా సందర్శించారు.

అదలా ఉండగా, ముఖ్యమంత్రి జయలలిత కోలుకునే వరకూ ఆమె నిర్వహిస్తూ వచ్చిన శాఖల్ని ఆర్థిక మంత్రి ఓ. పన్నీర్ సెల్వమ్ కు గవర్నర్ విద్యాసాగర్ రావు కేటాయించారు.  మాత్రివర్గ సమావేశాలకు పన్నీర్ సెల్వమ్ అధ్యక్షత వహిస్తారు. గతంలో జయలలిత రెండుసార్లు జైలుకు వెళ్లినప్పుడు ఆయననే తాత్కాలిక ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా నియమించిన సంగతి తెలిసినదే.

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Delhi poised for a keen contest

  • Keen contest in last leg
  • BJP fighting a losing battle?
  • Modi-Shah duo lost Midas touch?
  • NDTV gives Kejriwal the edge
  • Would BJP pay for the mistakes?

New Delhi, February 1: Has Naredra Modi lost his Midas touch? Is Arvind Kejriwal going to win? Is the Congress going to fare better than expected?

It now seems that the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah combination, which has been doing wonders since the May 2014 general elections, had made a huge mistake in building a larger than image for their rival Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Admi Party (AAP). First, the BJP did not go for elections soon after the resignation of Kejriwal to the post of the chief minister after 49 days in office. That was the best time to go for by-election as the BJP was fresh with a big, dream victory and the dynamism was bubbling in the party. But the leaders of the party in Delhi dragged their feet, reluctant to go for another elections in less than six months. The national leadership followed the advice of the Delhi unit and allowed the President’s rule to continue for months. In the mean time, the party leaders became defocused the cadres lost their motivation. Kejriwal, on the other hand, profusely apologized to the people of Delhi for leaving the office on the issue of Jan Lokpal. He had gone about his mass contact programme in right earnest.

Second, the leadership of the BJP has removed the only tall leader in Delhi by inducting him as health minister in the union cabinet. The leaders in Delhi BJP developed differences among themselves and started group politics. The cadre were not given any programme.

 Third, when  the elections were announced, there was no leader in the BJP to take on Kejriwal of AAP or to lead the party cadres.  Even the Congress had come up with Ajay Maken, a clean leader. When the BJP campaign was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Ramlila Maidan, the fight was dubbed by the national media as Modi versus Kejriwal. The BJP did not pick up even after Modi’s oration. Then the BJP had developed doubts about its victory and fears about the consequences. If the BJP lost it would mean the defeat suffered by Modi at the hands of Kejriwal since the battle was billed as Modi vs Kejriwal.

Fourth, it was then that the BJP leadership came up with Kiran Bedi card. The party decided that only Kiran Bedi can stop Kejriwal, if at all. The top cop agreed with the suggestion made by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and met the prime minister. Her induction into the party was welcomed by majority of the leaders while a minority of them sulked over giving priority to a rank outsider. The PM and the party chief gave full support to Bedi and announced her as the party’s CM candidate. Bedi, on her party, went on a no-holds-barred election campaign straining every nerve. But the BJP leadership noticed that Kiran Bedi was not faring well and her campaign is not going to stop Kejriwal who has been at it for over eight months.

Fifth, the BJP leadership decided to throw all important central leaders into the campaign. Besides Shah himself and a number of north Indian leaders, Venkaiah Naidu and Bandaru Dattatreya from South have been addressing street-corner meetings. Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has been found speaking in English and Hindi with equal ease in her campaign for the BJP candidates. Almost all important leaders of the party have been camping in Delhi for this prestigious election. Even the US President Obama’s visit was sought to be made use of by the ruling party. As an act of desperation, the party hinted at probing the cases relating to the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in the wake of Indira Gandhi assassination.

It can be said without any fear of contradiction that the BJP has tried all the tricks in its bag. In doing so, it had created a larger than life image for Kejriwal narrowing the choice of the voters either in favour or against Kejriwal. Thus Kejriwal, a leader who literally ran away from responsibility, has become central to the elections. It was partly due to his strategy and largely due to the failure of Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo.

Now, in the last phase of the campaign in the elections for which polling is slated to take place on the 7th, it appears as though AAP has a little edge over the BJP. The opinion poll conducted by NDTV concludes that it would be AAP which is going to win as things stand in a week before the poll. If the conclusion proves right, the BJP would only have itself to blame.

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BJP fine-tunes strategy for Delhi

  • MPs being drafted to oversee preparations
  • Focus on booths, Shah tells Delhi unit
  • Constituencies on the outskirts of the city important


New Delhi, November 19: In a bid to capture power in the national capital Delhi in the forthcoming assembly elections, the Delhi’s BJP unit is gearing up its cadre. BJP national president Amit Shah directed the Delhi unit of the party to initiate a vigorous and massive campaign focusing on over 11,000 booths to bring a historic victory. The BJP is very keen to form government in Delhi after 16 years.

For this to happen, the BJP central office is planning to bring all the BJP MPs into party activity December 1 onwards, since the parliamentary winter session is commencing from November 24. Though the MPs may be busy with parliamentary session, but it is mandatory to take part in motivation classes to cadre across the 70 assembly constituencies in Delhi in evening from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Accordingly a schedule is under preparation and the official circular may reach all the BJP MPs and to more than 50 union ministers. It has plans to organize at least 2700 public meeting starting from December 1.

In addition to this plan, Amith Shah charied a meeting on Wednesday to take stock of its preparation for the upcoming assembly polls. While addressing the state unit leaders, he asked senior leaders to oversee the preparations for the elections. He also instructed the Delhi unit chief Satish Upadhyay to hand over the party’s work to around 150 leaders to oversee party’s work at booth-level. The top brass of Delhi BJP unit includes former Delhi unit presidents, party’s Delhi in-charge Prabhat Jha, party MPs and former MLAs and prominent councilors were present in the two-hour-long meeting held at party’s headquarters.

Party sources said that the door-to-door campaign will commence from November 20-30 to garner support of every section of the society, which may be more serious in outskirt assembly constituencies on which the Aam Aadmi Party has strong hold. Amith Shah gave clear direction to strengthen the party’s base and to bring clear mandate for the BJP in the elections.

It may be noted that the Congress was in power in Delhi for 15 years, from 1998- 2013. BJP’s efforts to return to power did not succeed as the party won just 31 seats in the assembly polls held in last December falling five short of a simple majority in the 70-member house.

The party president has given clear direction to focus at the booth level and strengthening the party at the grass-root level to ensure a historic victory for the party,

He also made it clear that the profile of other party leaders wanted to join BJP should seriously be examined. Party should prepare a list of such persons and then they should take a final decision.

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By-poll results shock BJP

TRS, TDP retain Medak, Nandigama in style

BJP shown its place

Ache Din for Congress, SP

By-poll verdict not a reflection of Modi’s popularity


amith shah 1 copyNew Delhi: The by-election results have caused an acute embarrassment to the BJP’s top honchos. Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor BJP chief Amit Shah were mentally prepared for the rude shock. Modi had a jolt on his birthday and on the eve of his important visit to his native State after taking over as PM. It was also a few hours before the arrival of Chinese President Xi Jinping in Gujarat. The result is sure to dent Modi’s and Shah’s larger than life image. It will also give a much needed boost to the opposition. The by-election results could be described as a call to the non-BJP opposition parties to unite if they have to contain the saffron party.

BJP was beaten in the three states that it swept in the Lok Sabha polls just four months ago. The ruling party lost 13 of the 23 Assembly seats it held before resignations of MLAs on getting elected to parliament. It received a sharp blow in 8 states across the country. The only result which can be of solace to the BJP is its maiden win in West Bengal on its own. Earlier a BJP candidate, one Bhattacharya, had won in 1999 in league with the Trinamool Congress Party. The results of the by-elections to five Assembly constituencies in North-East, however, have delivered a blow to the Congress which is in power in Assam, and a boost to the BJP. BJP wrested a seat from the Congress in Assam. Two other seats in Assam were shared by the Congress and AIUDF. While a seat in Sikkim was won by an independent the one in Tripura was retained by the CPM.

akhilesh 2 copyThe loss in Uttar Pradesh, where Amit Shah as worked his magic during the general elections to get 71 out of 80 LS seats for his party, is truly devastating for the BJP. Samajwadi Party (SP) which won 8 out of the 11 BJP held seats may have to thank Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) for not contesting the by-polls. Had BSP fielded its candidates, the results would have been different bringing cheer to the BJP face. Though Mulayam Singh had won his Mainpur LS seat for his party and his son boasted of victory to secular forces, the real factor that helped the SP win was the absence of BSP symbol on the Electronic Voting Machine. Other important factor is the decision of Amit Shah to entrust Yogi Vaidyanath, a controversial MP, with the responsibility of campaigning for the party. It was detrimental for the party and the democratic, secular values that the people of India cherish. Yogi’s invention of Love Jihad (which was questioned by Home Minister Rajnath Singh after polling was over) did not go well with the electorate in UP. The results disproved the theory that communal card would pay electoral dividends in the backward area of UP. Nor the claim by the young CM Akhilesh Yadav that the people have supported SP for its secular credentials could be endorsed. The apex court had found fault with the UP government for not acting in time to arrest the communal frenzy in Muzaffarnagar a few months ago before the elections. Amit Shah who was personally involved in selection of candidates and finalizing campaign strategies has to take the blame for the huge defeat. He cannot escape the responsibility for the communal crusade launched to garner Hindu vote en block. It is time both Modi and Shah realized that the people of India desire that a government that is serious about the governance should be there in Delhi and no communal card should be played here after. Modi as a leader known for good governance is good enough for the BJP to retain the goodwill he earned in the Lok Sabha elections. No need to cut corners.

schin piolot copyRajasthan is being ruled by a queen of Scindia dynasty, called Vasudhara Raje Scindia, who held as many as 47 portfolios in her hands and limited the number of ministers to 11 although her party had won 163 seats out of the 200 Assembly seats in Rajasthan. She has exhausted her goodwill within months of coming to power riding on a polar wave. She was seen as a dictator who does not care for the opinion or advice of others. The credit of cashing on the popular disenchantment with the government goes to the young leader of the Congress party, Sachin Pilot. The resourceful son of Rajesh Pilot did an excellent job in leading an energetic election campaign highlighting the shortcomings of the administration and the ruling BJP putting Chief Minister Raje squarely in the dock. The Congress has got a new lease of life after winning three out of the four seats in Rajasthan.

The Gujarat fiasco was the result of lack of charisma on the part of the new chief minister, Anandiben Patel. She wanted to give a one hundred percent ten-seat victory as a birthday gift to Modi but she had salvaged only seven and conceded three to the Congress. The Vadodara Lok Sabha seat vacated by Modi who chose to keep Varanasi seat was won by the BJP candidate with a reduced majority. The results have rekindled the hopes and aspirations among the Congress leaders and workers who have been kept at bay by Modi for more than 13 years. May be, the people of Gujarat are yet to reconcile to the fact that Patel has replaced their popular leader Narendra Modi who moved over to Delhi.

Kotha prabhakar reddy 1 copyThe victory of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) candidate in Medak Lok Sabha bypoll was expected by the opposition as well. It was the seat vacated by K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), the chief of TRS, who retained the Gajwel Assembly seat in the vicinity of Medak parliamentary constituency. KCR has been articulating well ever since he took over as the first chief minister of new state of Telangana. Though things are yet to happen on the ground level, he has been continuing his flow of promises to the people of his state keeping them in good humour. The Congress had a face-saving position after ending up in the second slot (all the credit to candidate Sunitha Lakshma Reddy) while the BJP-TDP combine made a lot of noise but settled for the third position. The BJP had committed blunder in selecting a Congress leader Turpu Jayapraksh Reddy (Jagga Reddy) as its candidate instead of fielding its own leader like Kishan Reddy, president of party’s president in Telangana. Kishan could have given a better fight. The BJP-TDP alliance indulged in unprincipled politics without achieving their goal. Kotha Prabhakar Reddy who won the Medak seat is a successful businessman. He would be joining the Delhi lobby of businessmen who became members of parliament. KCR has celebrated the victory with another round of loud talk and tall promises. The real credit for the huge majority obtained by the TRS candidate goes to Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao who is the architect of the victory. The planning and strategy besides hard work of electioneering was his.

Tangirala Sowmya 1 copyThe ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh has retained Nandigama Assembly seat which fell vacant on the death of sitting MLA. The YSRCP, the only opposition party in AP Assembly, did not put up a candidate and hence the Congress could keep the deposit. The TDP has fielded Tangiral Sowmya, wife of the deceased, as its candidate in the by-election. AP Irrigation Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao worked very hard to help the TDP candidate to win handsomely.

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