Congress leader dares Ravela Kishore Babu for open debate on Dalit welfare

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Rajiv Ratan had dared Minister for Social Welfare Ravela Kishore Babu to come for an open debate on the funds spent on SCs welfare in the State. Rajiv said that the government had totally failed in the welfare and uplift of the Scheduled Castes and other weaker sections in the last two and a half years in office. He said that the government had made tall claims about the funds allocated for the SCs under the sub-plan but had failed to spend that.

He recalled the open challenge for debate by former minister S Sailajanath and said that the Congress leaders were ready to prove the TDPa��s failures. The funds projected in the sub-plan were diverted, he said. He further added that the over three lakh people have applied for the loans under the SC Corporation and regretted that the government had not cleared even 10 per cent of the applications. The SCs are being made to run around the members of the Janma Bhoomi committees and the loans were kept at their mercy, he alleged.

Referring to the governmenta��s claims on sending 150 SC students for foreign higher education, the Congress leader asked the Minister to declare the list of the beneficiaries. He alleged that the government had not spent even half of the money on SCs welfare that it was spending on publicity. Spending on publicity was more than the development, he alleged.

Claiming that the Congress government in the past had introduced the sub-plans for the SCs, STs and BCs, Rajiv accused the TDP government of diluting the spirit of the sub-plan. The funds allocated under the sub-plans are being diverted for publicity to promote the ruling party, he alleged.

Rajiv Ratan asked the Minister to attend the open debate with the documental evidence. He said that the Congress would also attend the debate with the documents that it had collected from the government through the RTI Act and prove the governmenta��s failures in working for the welfare of the SCs. He further alleged that the government had totally ignored the welfare, education, employment of the SCs in the last two and a half years. He said that the people in the State were watching the indifferent attitude of the government and would teach a lesson.

APCC secretary Anwar Hussain was also present at the news conference.

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