Congress holds Modi, Naidu responsible for note ban woes

Dara Gopi

Vijayawada: The AP Congress on Thursday held both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu equally responsible for the woes of the people caused by the demonetization in the country. It said that both the leaders have to share the anger of the people who have been victimized for the past 50 days after the demonetization.

APCC president N Raghuveera Reddy, speaking to the media persons after the extended general body meeting of the State unit, termed the year as the year of Modia��s illusion. He said that the demonetization had victimized the people, particularly the small traders, farmers, agriculture labourers and others who live on their daily earnings. Stating that Indira Gandhi had nationalized the banks to help the people and remained in their hearts, he regretted that Modi had made people to lose their confidence in the banking sector. The banks remained cashless for 50 days putting people to several hardships, he added.

The Congress leader accused the Prime Minister of serving the corporate companies, particularly those of Reliance and other groups. The digitization too would help these corporate companies which provide online payments or credit/debit cards, he said. These corporate companies are set to gain over Rs 1.60 lakh crores as commission for digital transactions, he said and blamed the Prime Minister for giving this money to the corporate companies.

Referring to the BJPa��s election promise of bringing back the black money from foreign countries, Raghuveera Reddy dared the Prime Minister to tell the people how much of such black money was brought back to the country.

The APCC leader said that the party would hold protests across the 13 districts of the State against demonetization and failure of the government to end the financial problems of the people.

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