Congress Fumes Over Amit Shaha��s Remarks On Mahatma

While the Congress alleged that Shah belittled Mahatma by calling him a a�?chatur baniya,a�� and demanded an apology from him, Shah refuted that Congress has a lot to answer on Mahatmaa��s principles.

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shaha��s remarks on Friday evening regarding Mahatma Gandhi are creating a storm with Congress demanding an apology from him.

The BJP president had said that Mahatma Gandhi was a a�?chatur baniya,a�� who knew that Congress was a tool to fight for freedom and suggested that party be dissolved after Independence.

The Congress attacked Amit Shah for using such a phrase for Mahatma Gandhi.

Reacting to Shaha��s comments, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that he not only insulted and freedom fighters but also Mahatma Gandhi and demanded an apology from Shah for belittling the Father of the Nation.

a�?He should apologise for slinging mud on the Father of the Nation and shaming freedom struggle,a�? Surjewala demanded.

Stepping up his attack Surjewala said that BJPa��s black Englishmen after independence are doing what British did earlier. The statement is a reflection of what is going on in Shaha��s head. a�?It is scary that this party is leading the nation,a�? he said.

Meanwhile, responding to Surjewalaa��s demand for an apology, Amit Shah defended his remarks and said, a�?Everyone in the meeting knows with what intent I called Mahatma Gandhi a baniya. Surjewala has a lot to answer on Mahatmaa��s principles.a�?

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