Congress Fears to Clarify Spying Bose: Venkaiah

HYDERABAD: Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu Alleged that Congress leaders were afraid to respond on Spying on Subhash Chandra Bosea��s family.

Paying rich tributes to Ambedkar on the occasion of his 125thA�Birth Anniversary, Naidu made the statements about Congress party. He started his speech by saying that there was a need for following Ambedkara��s way until inequalities and disparities are wiped out of the society.

Naidu also said that all the governments have to follow the footsteps of the Constitution maker until the disparities are wiped out. Later, moving to present politics, hesaid he would seek to know why the Congress leadership is afraid of giving clarity on Intelligence reports stating that Jawaharlal Nehru government spied on Bose and his family for 20 years. The Congress should come out and clarify, he demanded.

Refuting the allegations that the BJP was not adopting Ambedkara��s path, he said the Centre was not ready to take allegations that it was ignoring the plight of the Dalits and the poorest of the poor. Alleging that some political parties were considering the Minorities as their vote bank, Naidu said poverty will be eradicated only when gainful employment was provided to the poor and deprived classes. He also accused the previous governments of having ignored to recognize Ambedkar, Sardar Patel and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Brushing aside the allegations that a�?Swatch Bharatha�? was of no use, Naidu clarified that this scheme is aimed at providing employment opportunities to unemployed youth. We need to fight against caste and discrimination and vie for uplift of Dalits and downtrodden, he exhorted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened the doors of all the banks for Dalits and the poor class, Naidu maintained, adding that Jan DhanYojana scheme and Mudra Bank are aimed at addressing the needs of the people and those who take small loans.

He also slammed comments of some political parties that others were joining the ruling BJP at the Centre for political benefits. Naidu took exception to the Left partiesa�� allegations against the government. (NSS)

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