Congress demands health emergency

  • Leaders tour dengue-hit areas in Khammam Dt

Khammam: Demanding the state government to declareA�health emergency immediately,A�the Congress party has alleged that the state and Central governments were least bothered about the deaths caused by dengue and malaria.

The demand followed a visit by AICC secretary RC Khuntia and TPCC working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka to Bonakal mandal in Khammam district where a large number of dengue deaths took place. They visitedA�Ravinuthala village on Saturday, where the highest number of dengue deaths were recorded, and consoled the families of the deceased. They also consoled hundreds of dengue patients undergoing treatment atA�BonakalA�Hospital.A�

Later, Khuntia alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was busy with surveys and awards forgetting the welfare of the people. a�?According to official records, 21 people died in Bonakal mandal alone and hundreds of people died across the state and thousands more were taking treatment for dengue fevera�?, he contended.A�

The Chief Minister and Health Minister haveA�failed to initiate steps to curb the dengue deaths in Telangana state, he alleged and stated that AICC chief Sonia Gandhi and AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi had sent him to visit dengue patients in Khammam district after the issue was brought to their notice byA�TPCC working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka. Khuntia said that he will submit a report on the issue to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party will bring the issue in the ensuing Parliament session, he said.

He demandedA�the governmentA�to pay Rs.20 lakh ex-gratia to the bereaved families and conduct special medical camps at dengue-hit places and provide mosquito nets to the people.A�

Bhatti ridiculed that the a�?Banagaru Telanganaa�� has turned intoA�a�?Fever Telanganaa�� under the leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao.


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