Cong asks KCR: Stop atrocities of ministersa�� sons

Hyderabad:A�TPCC official spokesperson Addanki Dayakar alleged on Wednesday that some ministers were trying to protect the officials involvedA�in the slain gangster Nayeema��s case.


Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here, Dayakar alleged that the atrocities being committed by theA�sons of ministersA�A�were increasing day byA�A�day in the State. He warned the State governmentA�that the people would initiate action against the ministera��sA�sons in case the State government failed to take action against them.


He said that the people have given power to the TRS party only to serve the people but not toA�attack and beatA�them. The TRS leaders were habituated to earn illegally,A�keeping asideA�the welfare of the people. He said that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao would face problems in case he failed to control the corruption,A�and atrocities of the TRS leaders.A�NSS

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