Communism And Saffronism, Will It Work?

Actor Kamal Hassan on Friday announced that he is ready to work with Rajinikanth if he is ready to join politics. But ideologies of these two actors are different, one of communism and the other of Saffronisation; will this combination work out in TN?

Chennai: Kamal Hassan, who is busy on social media attacking AIDMK government from past few days, said that he is entering politics, not in haste but due to compulsion.

His call is different from others, Kamal directly ask public by saying that you are the one who should call me, should accept me and decide when I should come.

He also confirms that there is no time frame for me to enter politics like others. If an elected MLA does not deliver for the public, wait for 5 years and sack him immediately, Kamal says.

Kamal feels that any political party at present in India will match his ideologies and that is the reason for not aligning with any party.

But Kamal clarified that he is a communist and will work with ideologies of communism. He gave a call to Rajinikanth to join hands with him if Rajini is ready to join politics.

Rajinikanth, who has huge mass following, is in a plan to launch political party in 2018 and support BJP in TN. Rajinikanth aides say that Thaliva will join hands with BJP but not with leaders like Kamal Hassan.

Interesting turn outs are taking place in TN politics and we have to see how public reacts on these parties and whom they support.

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