‘Communication — Secret of success’

Hyderabad: “To succeed in life you will need to be able to communicate effectively; this is more than just being able to talk. It is the ability to convey ideas and inspire others with your vision. The most successful leaders are passionate and driven; this shows in how they communicate with others”, Dr C.V. Narasimha Reddi, renowned PR guru and Editor, PR Voice opined.

He was the chief guest at the inaugural session on ‘Communication & Public Relations for Employability’ atGITAM University, here on Thursday. It was organized by Public Relations Society of India (PRSI), Telanga Chapter. He praised Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi as the great communicators. ‘Buddha had communicated Buddhism across the continents in the good olden days, when there was no mass communication like Radio, TV and Social Media. Before Gandhiji’s arrival to India, freedom struggle had been confined to some four to five cities only. “Communication was the secret of their success’, the PR Guru said.

GITAM University Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. N. Siva Prasad presided over the inaugural session. He spoke about the importance of communication. PR professionals Dr Rani Rajita Madhuri gave a talk on ‘Communications Skills: Need of the Hour’ and Krishna Baji on ‘Public Relations for Employability’.

Prof. Ch. Sanjay, Principal, School of Technology, Y. Babji, National Vice-President (South), PRSI, Dr P. Venu Gopal Reddy, Chairman, PRSI and G. Aneeja, Secretary, PRSI, also took part in the session. Earlier, K. Subhas, B.Tech final year student, welcomed the dignitaries. F.R. Michael, EC member, PRSI proposed a vote of thanks. Prem Dexit, B.Tech final year student coordinated the entire program. (NSS)

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