We Are Against communal Quota: Venkaiah

Hyderabad: BJP will oppose the reservations based on religion which will divide the country, said Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu, while addressing media in Hyderabad.

a�?We have every right to oppose. This is not the first time we are opposing, previously late Rajasekhar Reddy tried to introduce the same and we opposed it, even when Chandrababu Naidu raised the issue again we opposed, the same will be with TRS too. If they try to implement the reservation based on community,a�? Venkaiah further added.

a�?We will always support reservations if they are based on social, economic backwardness or educationally but not based on religion. Even Ambedkar and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel said it is not possible to give reservation on the basis of religion,a�?A�A� Venkaiah reminded.

a�?If TRS is in a plan to bring law, they can but it wona��t withstand scrutiny of the legal system,a�? Venkaiah felt.

TRS version is different a�� they want to bring reservations for Muslims not based on the religion, but to uplift the backward sections among Muslims. BJP is protesting against this saying it as an unconstitutional move.

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