Collector suspends five government teachers for poor standard of students

Mahabubnagar:A�Mahbubnagar District Collector Ronald Rose has suspended five government teachers, including head master and a village secretary on charges of dereliction of duties.

The collector conducted surprise checks in two mandals a�� a government school and aA�gram panchayat office a�� on Monday and was shocked to see the way the staff were working. Immediately, the collector issued orders suspending five government teachers of VallabhravupalliA�Primary School and village secretary in Rachalapalli.

During school inspection, the collector interacted with the students and asked Class V students to write their names and parentsa�� names. The collector was aghast when the students were not able to write names of their parents properly. Peeved with this, Ronald Rose enquired with the teachers and wanted to know where their children are studying.

The reply from the teachers was so surprising that prompted the collector to issue suspension orders. The teachers told the collector that their children were studying in corporate schools. Later, the collector visited Rachalpalli village office where people complained that they were not getting pension regularly. On this, the collector suspended Rachalpalli village secretary. – NSS

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