Coincidence of a�?44a��

  • Congress seems to have a date with the number

(Neelima Viswas)

New Delhi, October 19: There is a coincidence of number a�?44a�� in congress party. The total strength of Congress in Loksabha in 2014 elections was 44 seats. The same 44 seats won by it in Maharashtra assembly elections also. Of course, the age of Congressa��s vice-president Rahul Gandhi is also 44 years.

In fact, the strength of Congress in Maharashtra was 82 in 2009 assembly, but shortened to just 44. In the meanwhile the strength of BJP here rose by 78 seats by winning in 121 constituencies. The performance of NCP, which was an ally of Congress till recent times also came down to just 42 by losing 20 seats.

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