Co-operative federalism key to rapid development: Dattatreya

Chennai:A�Union Minister for Labour & Employment Bandaru Dattatreya has emphasized that co-operative federalism is a key vehicle to achieve rapid development in the country.

Addressing the regional conference of State labour ministers, principal secretaries/secretaries, Dattatreya said strong States are the foundation of a strongA�India. The progress of a country depends on the progress of the States as State governments along with the Central government are co-partners in moving forward the agenda of economic development.

Highlighting the initiatives and schemes taken up by the Central government such as PMRPY, an ambitiousA�scheme where government was working for creating formal employment by incentivizing the employers by paying their share of social security contribution and also making sweeping reforms in social security of workers.

While speaking on employment generation, Dattatreya saidA�IndiaA�goes public through National Career Service (NSC) project, which has registered close to 3.75 crore job seekers and 10 lakh job providers. His ministry was collaborating with leading private players to ensure the best is made available at no cost to either job seekers or providers. NCS plans to have 100 model career centers and organizing job fairs at every corner of the country.

On the functioning of the NDA government, the Union minister stressed thatA�IndiaA�is in the safe hands of the most acclaimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The regional conference is being attended by State labour ministers, principal secretaries and secretaries of southern States. The conference was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Paneer Selvam. -NSS

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