• Kejriwal’s tirade against Reliance may be the reason
  • Comments on 3 premier channels
  • Crude, rude, manipulative ways
  • How NDTV got a hefty loan?
  • Why is Arnob after Shashi Tharoor?

(K Kaushik)

New Delhi, January 16: The high and mighty English channels from the national capital have their biases and preferences after all. Their dark spots are sought to be covered up by bold and beautiful display of emotions and righteous indignation. Let us see what is happening in the premier news channels of India.

Since Aam Admi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal started his tirade against Reliance once again, the CNN-IBN, the news channel owned by the biggest corporate giant in the country has banned anything that has to do with AAP from being telecast. On the day the former Chief Election Commissioner Sampath announced the schedule for Delhi assembly elections, AAP’s  leader Raghav Chadha was about to enter CNN-IBN studios for a discussion when he was rudely stopped and told that he is now allowed. The AAP politician had to go away without participating in the debate he was invited for. The Hoot, the media portal, reports that the gatekeepers were put in place to ensure that the AAP politicians are not carried live on the channel.

NDTV’s trail

Newslaundry has reported a money trail linking the owners of NDTV and the Reliance company through multiple transactions. It laid bare a series of transactions that began with Reliance Industries Limited and ended with a loan of Rs 403.85 crore to Radhika Roy Prannoy Roy Private Limited (RRPR) which owns 29 percent shares in NDTV.

Arnab chases Tharoor

The editor-in-chief of Times Now, which claims that it is number one channel and its editor is number one showman in the country, Arnob Goswamy almost gave a verdict on the Sunanda Pushkar’s “murder”. He was sure that it was not a suicide but a coldblooded murder. He was also sure that Sashi Tharoor, Sunanda’s husband and Congress party’s MP has been getting “hyper desparate” floating all kinds of theories in less than 48 hours of his wife’s death. The showman whom Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar calls a “hysterical humbug” has been hammering away, in his Newshour show on January 13 evening, with the statement given by Shashi Tharoor to the Delhi police two days after Sunanda’s death. Most of the accusations made by the celebrated TV personality were based on the medical reports of AIIMS in Delhi and KIMS in Kerala. Medical reports are generally treated as confidential and privileged documents. Either the NDA government or the Delhi police or the hospitals in question must have helped Goswamy with the reports to corner Tharoor who is a renowned author and diplomat with a controversial personal life. Politics, women and crime would make a heady mix for a TV channel run on hype. Arnob ended the show on that day declaring dramatically that he would get to the botton of this story. Bravo!

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