CM defends his language and remarks against 2013 Land Acquisition Act

  • Conduct of House piques Congress

Hyderabad:A� Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said on Friday that his language was like that when the main opposition party Congress expressed its objection to his remarks on Land Acquisition Act 2013 that the Act was a waste one during the discussion on the Bill which was introducedA�on Thursday.

It is learnt that Congress members K Jana Reddy and Bhatti Vikramarka raised their objection to the language used against the Land Acquisition Act 2013 in the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting hereA�on Friday.

Reacting to their objection, the Chief Minister said, a�?My language was like that. You would have expressed your dissent on it.a�? Then Bhatti said, a�?I got up and asked for mike to express our protest on the language used against the Land Acquisition Act 2013. But you (KCR) said that a�?I am on my legs and I am not yieldinga��. Then I sat and thought that the Chair will give me a chance to express our protest later. But the Speaker adjourned the House before expressing our viewa�?, he said.

It is learnt that the Congress party asked whether the Land Acquisition Act passed by the Assembly was an Act or an amendment to Land Acquisition Act 2013. The Chief Minister replied that it was an Act. The opposition parties also expressed their unhappiness over Legislative Affairs Minister T Harish Rao, who supposed to convince the opposition parties to run the House smoothly, was making provocative statements in and outside the House. a�?Whether the ruling party has the interest of running the House or not?a�? the Congress party members wondered, it is learnt.

In response, KCR said that it was not proper for the Legislative Affairs Minister to make such provocative remarks against the opposition members.

The Congress party has also expressed its unhappiness over the traditions of the House. It is learnt that they alleged in the BAC meeting that the Speaker was not protecting the traditions of the House.A�A�a�?We are not permanent but the House is permanent and traditions are permanent. It is our duty to respect the traditions of the House and it is good for democracya�?, the Congress members said.A�

They also asked the Speaker that as to how the Chair will give a chance to the defected MLAs from the treasury benches. It was up to the floor leadersa�� discriminatory power whether to give the chance to his party members or not. When the Speaker didna��t take any decision regarding defected MLAs, as to how the Chair will give a chance to the defected MLAs from treasury benches? The Congress party members also opined that it was not good for ruling party as well as opposition parties. Responding to it, the Speaker said that he would follow the tradition.

It is learnt that the CLP leader Jana Reddy has said that it was not good for the Assembly as some were conducting press meets while running the House. Clarifying, the Assembly Secretary Dr S Raja Sadaram said that the press meet of Peddapalli MP Balka Suman came to his notice a bit late. Sadaram also assured the members that he would not allow this in future.A�A�-NSS

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