Clamour Grows Loud And strong for Nandyal Assembly Seat

While the Bhooma faction is claiming that someone from their party would contest, former minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy is not ready to relent.

Hyderabad: Clamour for Nandyal assembly seat which fell vacant with the death of Bhooma Nagireddy is growing stronger day by day. With the former housing minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy, determined to contest from the seat, things appear to get murkier in Telugu Desam Party.A� Infighting already started in the party over the seat. According to sources, if TDP doesna��t allocate him the seat, Shilpa Mohan Reddy might defect into other party or might contest as an independent.

Already, the YSR Congress Party president announced that they would be fielding their candidate in the by-elections. Although, it is a tradition that when a sitting legislator passes away, no other party generally fields its candidates so as to allow his successor win easily. But, given the events that took place after the death of Bhooma in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly and the criticism Jagan faced, it can be considered natural that he made a decision to field a candidate.

TheA�BhoomaA�faction is claiming that it is a member of their family that is going to contest in the election, Shilpa Mohanreddy is literally threatening CM Naidu that if he is not allotted the seat, he is giving indications that he would not hesitate to defect to another party (read YSRCP).A� claiming that it is only Allagadda which belongs to Bhooma family, he is making it very clear that Nandyal is his. He also organised a meeting with his followers and workers. Asserting that the TDP will lose the seat if Naidu allocates it to Bhooma family, Shilpa is making preparations for the contest. However, the Nandyal leaders of YSRCP are not too happy with the turn of events.

Even the Telugu Desam party doesna��t appear very enthusiastic about allocating Shilpa the seat, as he lost to Bhooma earlier. Above all, there is a lot of sympathy towards Bhooma family due to the untimely and sudden death of Nagireddy. Another factor for Naidu hesitating to allocate the seat is that Mohan Reddy is considered as a political rival of Bhooma.

Before the controversy between two Reddy leaders in Kadapa is resolved, the storm in Nandyal has become a headache to the high command


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