Civil Services Topper Criticises Coaching Centres

Several Civil Service Coaching Centres are vying with each other for crediting UPSC exam third ranker Ronanki Gopala Krishnaa��s success. Getting embarrassed, he expressed his anger at the attitude of the coaching centers.

Hyderabad: If one celebrates onea��s own success, he or she does it out of excitement on achieving a goal. If others celebrate onea��s success there is something inspiring in it for others. Those who recently made it to the coveted Civil Services received accolades from everywhere, besides families and neighbours.
But there are others who vie with each other for crediting the toppersa�� success to them. Guess who! Obviously coaching centres. Telugu states have witnessed this kind of embarrassing situations earlier when engineering and medical entrance results were declared. They would claim that the top rankers studied in their coaching centres. Now, it seems to be the turn of Civil Service Examinations. There are several coaching centres which have been claiming Ronanki Gopala Krishna as their student.
Having felt embarrassed by such a situation, Ronanki Gopala Krishna, who secured third rank in the Civil Service Examinations, made it clear that he did not take coaching from any of the coaching centres. a�?I studied Telugu literature on my own. I took guidance for general studies from Balalatha only,a�? he stated. Speaking to media in Hyderabad he advised the civil service aspirants not to get into the trap of coaching centres. He advised them to take up self-study rather than going to coaching centres.

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