City Congress men take out salt rally, held

Hyderabad:A�Protesting against the non-control of the rising prices of salt across the state, City Congress OBC Cell organized a a�?Salt Rallya�� from Gandhi Bhavan to BJP office hereA�on Saturday. But the police detained the Congress activists though the latter tried to move towards BJP office, which was near Gandhi Bhavan.A�

Speaking on the occasion, the OBC Cell leaders have alleged that the prices of salt and other essential goods were skyrocketing in the state. The State andA�UnionA�governments were failing to control the rising prices. The poor people were facing a lot of troubles as they have no money in hand as the Centre cancelled the Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes. The people were standingA� in queues leaving their daily work. Still they are unable to exchange their big notes.

It may be recalled that rumours spread across the state that salt prices were increased and the poor people ran around the kirana and general stores to buy salt. Some of the traders cashed in on the rumours by selling salt at Rs 300 per kg at places like Borabanda in the city.



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