Cine producer KC Shekhar Babu dies of stroke

Hyderabad: A�Telugu cine producer KC Shekhar Babu died of heart attack at his Film Nagar residence in Jubilee Hills here in the early hours of Saturday. He was 71.

The entire Telugu film industry expressed its shock over the untimely death of Shekhar Babu and conveyed their heart-felt condolences to the bereaved family members.

Shekhar Babu had produced movies like Mamatha, Samsara Bhandham, Gopalaraogari Ammayi, Muta Mestry, Sardar, Sahasa Samrat and Bhargava Ramudu.

He also served as Film Central Board chairman and secretary of Film Producers Council. Currently he was working as member of South Indian Film Chamber at the time his death. (NSS)

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