Chiru + Pawan, Will There Be Last Minute Twist?

Chiranjeevi wants to keep an end to political life by 2018 and brother Pawan wants to pursue politics aggressively from 2018, but will there be a twist with both brothers joining hands prior to elections?.

Amaravati: Actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi had a last laugh after he launched Praja Rajyam and contested in 2009 elections. Result was absolutely disappointing for the mega star who did not expect dismal result after witnessing huge crowds at his public meetings and road shows. Later he merged PRP in the Congress and became UPA’s Tourism Minister and at present he is an MP of Rajya Sabha.

If we observe Congress leaders’ reaction for the past few days, it is becoming clear that Chiru will either quit the Congress or may bid goodbye to politics altogether. Chiranjeevia��s absence during Rahul Gandhia��s public meet at Guntur or at the Congress roadshows against the TDP Government, one can come to a conclusion that Chiranjeevi is not showing much interest in politics. A�See Also:A�Pawan Turns Focus To Telangana

After his 150th movie a�?Khaidi No 150a�� received a huge applause from audience, he was overwhelmed with the love Telugu people poured on his film and said on many occasions that Tollywood is his arena and his thoughts are always revolved around films though he is in politics. Now, the mega star is getting ready for his 151 th film with Surender Reddy as director with a huge budget. This is slated for release in july 2018. After this project, Chiranjeevi will be doing with Boyapati in Geetha arts with a powerful mass subject which will hit screens in Januray 2019.

So, by January Chiranjeevi will be free but when it comes to his brother Pawan Kalyan, there are many interesting points to note. A�See Also:A�Pawan Kalyan At X Junction

Pawan is busy with Trivikram flick and will continue with next two projects straight away irrespective of talk and collections of Trivikram flick.

Pawan is gearing up Jana Sena with selections of writers, orators in both Telugu states at a rapid pace. By this month end, he will complete 90 % screening and by August 1st week, selected candidates will start their duty as directed by Pawan Kalyan.

Main problem with Jana Sena is the lack of man power and money power. Party has no time to select booth leaders at ground level and to run the party no money as said by Jana Sena Chief.

This is the main reason why Pawan is signing continuous films as per party sources so that at least he can fund minimum amount to the candidates contesting from the party.

Pawan Kalyan has an experience of running a�?Yuvarajyama�� when Chiraneejvi launched Praja Rajyam party. Pawan tried his best leaving concerns and results behind. It is better to say Pawan scored good marks in Telangana rather than Chiranjeevi at that time.

Now all eyes are on these brothers, one wants to come back to Tollywood leaving politics behind, others want to plunge into elections leaving films behind. A� See Also:A�ISRO Launches PSLV With 31 Satellites From Sriharikota

According to close sources of mega family, Chiranjeevi does not want to open his mouth against his brother Pawan and that is the main reason, he rejected BJPa��s offer too.

Close associates of these two are trying to bring them on one platform before 2019 elections. They are at least forcing Chiranjeevi just to say a�?Support Jana Senaa�?. Chiranjeevi neither supported nor denied their statement.

Ram Charan, son of Chiranjeevi, during Rangasthalam 1985 shoot at Eluru said all mega fans will support Jana Sena, a hint that all are one.

Naga babu, brother of Chiranjeevi is looking towards Jana Sena and does not want to leave younger brother Pawan alone during elections time.

Serious discussions and conversations are going on in mega family and there may be last minute twist for political parties from mega family with Chiru and Pawan standing on the same platform. A�See Also:A�We Respect Anil Bhaia��s Decision: Kohli Breaks His Silence

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