Chiru Not Suitable For Politics: Balakrishna Sensational Comments

Actor turned politician, MLA Balakrishna felt that Chiranjeevi is not suitable for politics though he enjoys immense fans following.

Hyderabad: Hindupur MLA, Actor Balakrishna came up with a sensational, controversial comment on Celebrities by saying few actors are not suitable for politics. He however concluded by saying their blood is different from others and can survive in politics for a long time.

He also advised few artists not to enter politics as they are not suitable for them. He quoted Big B Amitab bachan and Chiranjeevi as examples. He aid though these actors have immense fan following, it wont work for then in politics.

Balakrishnaa��s words are arrogant, sarcastic while giving an interview on his latest flick a�? Paisa Vasola�? release. He saida�? Amitabh politicslo Emi Peekadua�� ( What did Amitabh achieve in politics).

There was cold war running between Top heroa��s Balakrishna and Chiru fans from 80a��s. This statement may led to controversy and lit fire between the heroa��s.

One should not forget that Chiranjeevi launched PRP in 2009 and was responsible for TDPa��s defeat in 2009.

May be this is the main anger of Balakrishna for commenting on Chiranjeevi. Surprisingly he did not comment on Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalian about his entry into politics.


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