Chiranjeevi Eyeing On 2019 Elections

MP Chiranjeevi wants to break silence and looking for a comeback into active politics once again in 2019 elections.

Hyderabad: If speculations are correct, we can see actor turned politician, MP Chiranjeevi once again on political screen during 2019 elections. Close talk between Mega brothers Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan added fumes to this speculations who discussed on various issues during the meet.

Chiranjeevi recently wrote a letter to CM Naidu regarding the evacuation of scavengers in 18th ward of Tirupathi. This actor turned politician was silent from past two years and maintaining distance from party activities. He was not seen on political ground during AICC VP Rahula��s visit to Guntur or in Nadyal by poll or in any agitations called for by AP state Congress party.

His 150th film tasted success which filled little vacuum between him and his fans which he missed after jumping into to Congress. His Rajya Sabha term as MP will end by April, 2018 and Chiru is planning to start his political career once again after finishing this term, just prior to 2019 elections.

He gave advice to Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan not to leave film industry for the sake of politics and to continue acting. Now the Mega brothers want to join hands leaving the rift aside.

Shoot off letter to AP CM Naidu is a part of his re entry into politics as per political observers. Chiranjeevi launched Praja Rajyam Party in 2008 and failed miserably with party getting only 18 seats in 2009 elections. Later he merged PRP into Congress party and was rewarded with Rajya Sabha seat in 2012.

Close associates of these two are trying to bring them on one platform before 2019 elections. They are at least forcing Chiranjeevi just to say a�?Support Jana Senaa�?. Chiranjeevi neither supported nor denied their statement.

Ram Charan, son of Chiranjeevi, during Rangasthalam 1985 shoot at Eluru said all mega fans will support Jana Sena, a hint that all are one.

Naga babu, brother of Chiranjeevi is looking towards Jana Sena and does not want to leave younger brother Pawan alone during elections time.

Serious discussions and conversations are going on in mega family and there may be last minute twist for political parties from mega family with Chiru and Pawan standing on the same platform.

A channel which is pro to ruling party telecasted story that Jana Sena Chief Pawan is not keen on CMa��s post even his party is voted for power.

Surprising to this, it also stated that Pawana��s brother, Congress MP Chiranjeevi will be gifted with that post as Pawan does not believe in posts and added that it is a logical, strategic move by Pawan.

Story further came up with a discussion that Jana Sena will ally with Congress and left parties for 2019 elections to make Chiranjeevi CM.

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