China’s wonder bridge reopens after security inspection

BEIJING: The World’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in China’s Hunan province has been reopened for public after clearing a security inspection.

The glass bridge saw a trial operation in late August this year, but was closed 12 days later due to overwhelming public demand. Ten thousand people can visit the bridge per day.

Dispelling rumours that the unique bridge had been closed for safety reasons, local Citi county magistrate Gao Jingsheng has said it was closed only for security inspection. Its construction was up to standard, the official said.

“We thought we should perfect its surrounding facilities and environment, and tackle the problems we discovered during the trial period,” the media has quoted him as saying.

The 430-meter-long bridge was designed by architect Haim Dotan and it is believed to be the world’s longest and tallest pedestrian glass bridge. This unique structure offers panoramic view of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

During the trial operation, the bridge had held more than 800 people at a time and 8,000 were said to have walked the structure.

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