China fails in High-tech satellite launch

BEIJING: The 46-meter tall Long March 4C rocket blasted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi province but failed to insert its payload, the Gaofen-10 satellite into its designated orbit. This failure resulted in loss of Gaofen-10 satellite, which plunged back to earth.

Normally, Chinese launches are announced after successful completion by official media, but this time announcement of launch success a�� expected around 40 minutes after liftoff a�� never arrived.

Shanxi province police department initially posted the photos of rocket debris on social media, but the entry was later removed.

The Gaofen satellites are outfitted with high resolution, multispectral optical imagers, Synthetic Aperture Radars, infrared imaging systems, microwave detectors and specialized sensors.

Gaofen series, designed to provide China a global network of earth observation satellites with all-weather, high-definition, 24-hour intelligence gathering capabilities for both civilian and military users by 2020.The network is designed for monitoring any spot on earth.

China has been launching numerous other satellites including the quantum communication satellite which provide more secure communication without wiretapping and intercepts.

This is the first rocket failure since 2013. In December 2013, the launch of an earth observation satellite jointly built by China and Brazil aboard a Long March rocket failed because of a rocket malfunction.

Chinese government claims, the Long March series to be the worlda��s safest rocket, with nearly 20 rocket launches in a year and a very high success rate.

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