Children Of Farmers, Labourers In Telangana Crack IIT, NIT

Investing into education alone will not bear fruits; you need someone with a passion for cultivating it. This is exactly what happened in Telangana, while the government invested in residential education, secretary of social welfare residential hostels and schools Dr Praveen has done exactly the same and the fruits are visible.

Hyderabad:A� The investment in residential education by Telangana government is bearing fruits. While 24 children cracked entrance examination for IIT, 71 will be going to National Institutes of Technology making not only their families and teachers proud but also the government which made a huge difference in their lives with such investment.

The best part of it is that, all these children who made it belong to families of marginal farmers, labourers, orphans, Dalits and Tribals, who are from the very underprivileged background. The children were given special coaching from free government schools.

These children who are deprived of many things in life, unlike their counterparts belonging to rich families, are confident of making it big in life.

The children have a better dream than IIT. The son of a marginal farmer from Nalgonda, Chandu wants to crack civil services and become tribal affairs secretary in the government one day. Not just him alone, he says that many of his friends are civil service aspirants. They only cracked IIT and NIT because they wanted a strong foundation. He says that his familya��s dream is him getting a government job.

He says that he is inspired by Dr RS Praveen Kumar, a veterinary doctor- turned-IPS officer, who has been managing the affairs of Telanganaa��s massive social welfare residential hostel and schools programme as its secretary for the past few years. Incidentally, these schools emerged as centres of excellence.

As a secretary and a man who has an understanding about their plight, Dr Praveen introduced specialised coaching for tribal and Dalit children for admission to engineering, medicine, law schools and other best institutions of higher education so they can compete with their more privileged peers.

There are other kids from various places having similar ambitions. Bhanu Sunil Kumar told a news channel, a�?My father could not study and because of ill-health, he could not get a job. So he dreamed that I should study. He wanted me to go into civil services. So I will go to IIT and also prepare for civil service entrance exams at the same time.”

Ketavat Bhukya Naik said his passion is physics and he hopes to study mechanical engineering. “I want to be a scientist. I want to innovate, so that we can save fuels that are burnt up by vehicles,” he said.

Meanwhile, the exuberant Dr Kumar gives full credit to students and teachers who really slogged with dedication. He says that this is something historical.

He appreciated the Telangana government which is investing heavily in residential education, where the poorest of the poor children are being given the best education.

“These children are icons of society and the state. Their backgrounds are unimaginable. Their success is fantastic,” he told a channel.

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