Chief Adviser Sreedharan Quits Amaravati Metro Rail Project

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Chief Sreedharan quit the post of chief advisor to the government on metro rail project for Vijayawada. His exit was forced, as the government plans to go ahead with the project, despite his advice against the viability of the project.

Amaravati: Chandrababu Naidua��s government has taken up the metro rail project for the city competing with Hyderabad. It has proposed two routes on the two major roads in the city a�� Eluru Road and Bandar Road a�� with bus stand as the base station. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was appointed as consultant and its chief, E Sreedharan, as chief advisor for the project.

After the initial study, it is said that Sreedharan has advised the government against the project stating that it was not viable. However, due to pressure from the government, he started his work on the two corridors.

Meanwhile, the chief minister has received proposals with Light Metro Rail (LMR), which is said to have irked Sreedharan to quit the project. During the last fortnight, Chief Minister Naidu had a meeting with the consultants on the LMR project where it was said that the project, if extended to Visakhapatnam and Tirupati sectors, would only take less than half-an-hour for people to reach Amaravati.

While actively considering the project, the chief minister is said to be very particular about giving the Vijayawada LMR to the L&T at a higher price. When Naidu wanted the Metro Rail Project to be given to the L&T at the higher price, it is said that Sreedharan had objected to it and the relationship between them has broken.

Since then, Sreedharan was not getting an appointment with the chief minister, leading to his decision to quit the project.

It is said that the DMRC, which had established its office in Vijayawada to handle the project, has already started withdrawing its employees, and it is likely to close the office in a month or so after completing the formalities with the government.

The government, even without Sreedharan, is moving ahead on the project with German consultants and the most favoured L&T as contractor.

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