Chevireddy Expresses Shock And Questions Responsibility in Pushkar Ghat Deaths

HYDERABAD: Holding AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu responsible for Rajahmundry stampede deaths, YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy has alleged that Naidua��s sins will not be cleansed even if he took a dip in Pushkakaralu.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday,A�Chevireddy expressed shock over the stampede and asked the chief minister to rule the state standing on the a�?grounda�� and not to rule the state being in the a�?Skya��. a�?Who will own the responsibility on the Rajahmundry incident -whether deputy chief minister or finance minister or endowment minister?a�?

Chevireddy opined that the ruler should have the tranquility and experience. a�?Experience will not come with the increase of agea�?, he said, and alleged that Naidu was out to loot 1000 crore rupees out of 1600 crore rupees allotted to Pushkaralu.

Alleging that Naidu was suffering from a�?Publicity Mania,a�? he said the chief ministerhad failed to give priority to quality works for Pushkaralu, insteadhad given top priority to publicity blitzkrieg. (NSS)

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