Chelameswar calls for reforms in key laws

  • Telugus honour SC justice and Yarlagadda in Washington

Washington: Justice Jasti Chelameswara Rao of the Supreme Court of India has called for reformation of certain key components of the existing laws for faster and more efficient jurisprudence.

He said like in the United States, where the appointment of Supreme Court Justice is one of the most visible responsibilities of the President, the Indian political system should also treat the issue with a similar level of importance.A� He said Parliament through a legislative process could proactively undertake judicial reforms.

He expressed these opinions during a felicitation ceremony organized by the Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society (GWTCS) in association with the Telugu Association or North America (TANA) in Washington DC on October 23. Padmabhushan Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad was also honoured at the event held at Sitara Indian Cuisine in Ashburn, Virginia.

Justice Chelameswara Rao applauded NRIsa�� services to their motherland. He also expressed happiness that the younger generation was opting for a career in law instead of going for the usual medicine and engineering courses. The young blood, coupled with transparency and accountability in the system, would help the judicial process and enable a systemic correction in the behavioral patterns of people that intend to go against the law, he said.

Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, referring to the greatness of India, pointed to its strength of traditions and culture that inspired global leaders. He shared his experiences he has had with various Telugu communities around the world. He expressed happiness that non-resident Telugus are dedicating themselves to preserve the language by engaging their children in reading, writing and learning Telugu through various local and nationwide programmes.

Lakshmi Prasad said that while English is important and a necessary language, a�?we should not undermine the necessity of learning Telugu since it is a connection to the heritage of ancestors, motherland and a sign of cultural identity. a�?

He gave various examples to explain how the lack of respect for the language is leading to a situation where the abbreviated English translations of cultural and historic names and activities are creating a gap and disconnect to future generations He said he has made it is his life mission to promote the Telugu language within and outside India

Satish Vemana (EVP, TANA), Kishore Dangeti (President, GWTCS), Satynarayana Manne (VP, GWTCS), Dr Hema Yadla, Katragadda Krishna Prasad, D. Naren Kodali (TANA), Bucthiram Prasad Kalapatapu (APNRT), Sri Inniah Narisetti (senior journalist), Ramakanth Koya (TANA), Srinivas Kukatla and Ram Choudhary Upputuri were among those present at the event. Members of the executive committees of GWTCS and representatives from the Telugu Association of Maryland, Telangana Development Forum and other ethnic local organizations also attended the function.

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