Check Sand mining: Naidu to officers

Hyderabad, January 27: In a review meeting on sand mining at Secretariat today, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu asked officials to look into discrepancies and ensure that operations are carried out efficiently and smoothly.

Suggesting officials to remain vigilant about sand mafiaa��s operations, the Chief Minister told the officials that profits should reach DWCRA women or the Farmersa�� Empowerment Corporation. “There can be no compromise on monitoring the operations,” he added. He expressed dissatisfaction over lackadaisical attitude of officials in monitoring sand mining operations. Despite the State government framing a sand policy, officials have not been efficient in curbing sand mafia, he remarked.

Naidu suggested that sand mining could be carried out even at small reaches/sites. This step, he said, would help us in bringing down the cost of sand as it would increase the availability of sand. The Chief Minister also demanded a report on the implementation of GPS trackers in trucks in Guntur. The report has to be submitted within a week, he added.

Stating that customers are the priority, Chief Minister said the order should reach customers within 48 hours. He also directed officials to keep tabs on bulk orders in order to check whether the sand mafia is using this route to procure sand. (NSS)

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