Charmy Complains Against Constable

The actress has charged that the male constable had behaved objectionably despite presence of women constables.

Hyderabad:A� Actress Charmy has on Wednesday complained against a male constable a�?for touching hera�?.

In her complaint, she stated that though there were women constables when she arrived at the Excise Enforcement office on Wednesday morning for interrogation, a male constable, Srinivas, tried to escort her by touching her.

Charmy maintained in her complaint that Srinivas had over reacted despite presence of women constables and behaved objectionably.

Meanwhile, a team of four lady officers is questioning the actress. It is learnt that she is being asked if she does drugs and if she has any links with the main accused Calvin Mascarenhas.

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  1. manoj says:

    Good it just was a touch and not anything beyond it. Get lost bitch. What you did when you were high on drugs weren’t objectionable? ??

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