Chada Seeks A Comprehensive Land Act

Hyderabad: Stating that there is no clarity over the amendment of Bhudan Board Act, CPI state secretary and former MLA Chada Venkat Reddy sought that a comprehensive land act be brought in its place.

Addressing a press conference with deputy secretary Palla Venkat Reddy, secretariat members Pashya Padma, Erla Narasimha at Maqdoom Bhavan here, he said they will wage protests against the government for its efforts to give lands to corporate in the name of people’s interests.

He expressed concern that the government failed to protect the Bhudan lands, temple lands in old city and sought clarity on Forest Land Act 2006. Venkat Reddy also said that there are lacunae in land acts and the government should desist from harassing tribals in the name of Forest Land Act.

Finding fault with KCR government for its proposal to shift Dharna Chowk, he said that it was to stifle the voice of the people and opposition parties. Dharna Chowk Protection Council will take up a movement on the lines of Telangana movement against the government until it cancels its proposal, he warned.

The CPI leader alleged that the BJP is foolishly opposing the reservations to Muslims, which should be given on the basis of backwardness and population. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is trying to confuse people in the name of reservations, he charged.

Though the Muslims are seeking 10 per cent, the KCR Government is making false promise of giving 12 per cent reservations though previous 4 per cent reservations by YSR regime is not being implemented, he fumed.

He also expressed surprise at TRS MP Kavita’s comment that KCR is the real Communist which is wrong. Alleging that KCR who is said to be implementing Maoist manifesto later resorted to encounter, he said. 

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