Centre urged to intervene over TS share in river waters

Centre urged to intervene over TS share in river waters

New Delhi: TRS MP B Vinod Kumar on Thursday criticised that the Centre was yet to react on Telangana Government’s plea to do justice with regard to allocation of river waters, including that of Krishna.

“The Telangana State government time and again appraised the Centre of injustice being meted out to the youngest State through Krishna Tribunal though the Centre was yet to take a call,” he said.

During question hour in Parliament, Vinod Kumar raised his voice and expressed serious displeasure over non-committal of the Centre despite its repeated reminders. “We have been demanding for rightful share in waters of Krishna and the Centre remained adamant on the issue,” the TRS MP said.

Vinod Kumar also pointed out that separate Telangana State movement continued for decades for their share in irrigation waters. Though statehood achieved, Telangana was still struggling for its rightful share of waters, which can be attributed to the negligence of the Centre, he opined.

He also sought allocation of waters from Krishna to four States, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Another TRS MP Jitender Reddy also urged the Centre to ensure that the youngest State of Telangana get its rightful share of river waters. He demanded that the Centre constitute a fresh tribunal on water disputes as the existing tribunal was not doing justice to Telangana state.

Courtesy: NSS

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