Centre urged to intervene over TS share in river waters

Centre urged to intervene over TS share in river waters

New Delhi: TRS MP B Vinod Kumar on Thursday criticised that the Centre was yet to react on Telangana Government’s plea to do justice with regard to allocation of river waters, including that of Krishna.

“The Telangana State government time and again appraised the Centre of injustice being meted out to the youngest State through Krishna Tribunal though the Centre was yet to take a call,” he said.

During question hour in Parliament, Vinod Kumar raised his voice and expressed serious displeasure over non-committal of the Centre despite its repeated reminders. “We have been demanding for rightful share in waters of Krishna and the Centre remained adamant on the issue,” the TRS MP said.

Vinod Kumar also pointed out that separate Telangana State movement continued for decades for their share in irrigation waters. Though statehood achieved, Telangana was still struggling for its rightful share of waters, which can be attributed to the negligence of the Centre, he opined.

He also sought allocation of waters from Krishna to four States, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Another TRS MP Jitender Reddy also urged the Centre to ensure that the youngest State of Telangana get its rightful share of river waters. He demanded that the Centre constitute a fresh tribunal on water disputes as the existing tribunal was not doing justice to Telangana state.

Courtesy: NSS

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Ease of Doing Business: AP, TS No1

NEW DELHI: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana emerged as joint toppers in the ease of doing business rankings released by the central government on Monday. Gujarat that was in the top slot is relegated to the third spot now.

Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana contested very closely with a score of 98.78 percent on the 340 parameters that the states were ranked on. Last year, while Andhra Pradesh was in second position, Telangana was in 13th place. 

According to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion along with the World Bank, the following states were classified as ‘leaders’: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

In ‘aspiring leaders’ category, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar were placed, while Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Delhi were identified as states where acceleration is needed.

Top ten states in Ease of Doing Business are:

  1. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  2. Gujarat
  3. Chhattisgarh
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. Haryana
  6. Jharkhand
  7. Rajasthan
  8. Uttarakhand
  9. Maharashtra

The rankings have been prepared on the basis of a 340-point ‘Business Reform Action Plan’ identified by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was implemented by different states.

The action plan, aimed at improving the ‘Business Climate,’ includes 58 regulatory processes, policies, practices covering 10 reform areas spanning the life cycle of business climate and include policies like single window clearance, tax reforms, labour and environmental reforms, dispute resolution and construction permits and others. The plan’s aim is to put India among the first 50 nations in the World Bank list on ease of doing business. Last year India stood at 130th place among 190 countries.

This year 16 states have implemented more than 70% of the 340 reforms contained in the Business Reforms Action Plan while seven states have implemented 280 reforms in 2015.

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Nodal Officer for AP Reorganisation Act

  • Rajnath Singh agree to appoint
  • Assures BJP delegation of speedy implementation

HYDERABAD: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today assured a BJP delegation from Andhra Pradesh that he will do the needful to speed up implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 in its entirety and for helping the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh in view of the problems being faced by it as a result of bifurcation.

On the request of Urban Development Minister M.Venkaiah Naidu, the Home Minister held discussion with a BJP delegation led by Andhra Pradesh Unit president K. HariBabu in the office of Venkaiah Naidu.

Venkaiah Naidu recounted the circumstances of bifurcation of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and made out a strong case for assisting AP. He said the State was facing several problems having lost substantial revenue and resource base to the new state of Telangana. Naidu urged Rajnath Singh to ensure that the Union Home Ministry, being the nodal ministry for AP Reorganisation Act, takes a more pro-active role in ensuring early implementation of the Act which will benefit both the States. He also said early decisions and actions are required in respect of Special Category status for AP, division of assets and liabilities between the two states, division of officers, proper re-allotment of Rajya Sabha members to both the states, execution of various projects as mentioned in the Act and so on.

Venkaiah Naidu has particularly suggested that a senior officer of Union Home Ministry be appointed as a Nodal Officer to coordinate with the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for resolving various issues between them and also with the concerned ministries of the central government for execution of different projects in both the states. Rajnath Singh also listened to the members of the delegation, who insisted that Special Category status to Andhra Pradesh needs to be accorded on priority.

Rajnath Singh has agreed to appoint an Additional Secretary (A.K. Singh) in his ministry as the Nodal Officer for coordinating with AP and Telangana and concerned Central ministries for speedy implementation of the provisions of the AP Reorganisation Act. A team of officers led by A.K. Singh will be visiting Hyderabad on March 20 to hold discussions with both the Chief Secretaries to resolve the pending issues. Besides, the Union Home Minister agreed with the suggestion of Venkaiah Naidu that in certain cases pending issues can be resolved by using removal of difficult orders in the APR Act and has directed his officers to expedite the matter in this regard also.

The delegation has pointed out to the Union Home Minister that the Congress is resorting to cheap tactics and carrying out a disinformation campaign. The delegation also quoted Moily’s observations as below:

“There will be a flight of capital from neighboring states like Karnataka, Kerala and Bihar. There should be a method followed while giving such incentives to one state. All of them will go and invest there and nothing wrong in it.  But the question is how can you create this kind of inequality and inequity between one state and the other. It is a major issue. It is a thoughtless decision. It is not a reasonable decision.”

The BJP delegation comprised AP Ministers Kamineni Srinivas,  Manikyala Rao, G.Ganga Raju MP Challapalle Narasimha Reddy,  Bhanu Prakash Reddy,  Santha Reddy,  Ramboophla Reddy,  Vishnuvardhan Reddy,  Parthasarathi ,  K.Satyanarayana Raju MLC,  Ramakrishna Reddy , Ankal Reddy,  Ramesh Naidu,  NT Chodwary,  Uma and  Sunil Isaka. (NSS)

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