Centre To Tackle Wastage Of Food?

While crores of people are starving due to lack of food, the criminal wastage of the food in the country needs to be contained.

New Delhi: In a country where crores of people cana��t afford two square meals a day, it is depressing to know that millions of tonnes of food are being wasted each year. Though it is a worldwide phenomenon, wastage in India is considered huge as rice, cereals and pulses are wasted due to lack of storage facilities and improper transportation

Besides this, we all know that not only during weddings and other celebrations, people tend to waste food when they visit restaurants. While hungry people wait outside for a morsel, we tend to grandly waste the food we buy.

Any kind of wastage needs to be contained. Be it due to lack of storage facilities or because of our conspicuous consumption. In last montha��s Mann Ki Baath, the Prime Minister expressed concern about wastage of food and termed it as an injustice to the poor.

The government seems to start with disciplining the hotel industry. It is planning to a�?fixa�� the amount of food served in restaurants in order to contain wastage.A� Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan told a leading national channel that to deliberate and standardise how much food should be served, he has set up a meeting with people associated with the food industry.

Saying that he had observed food being wasted when he visited restaurants, he felt that this cana��t happen in a country where a huge number of people are below poverty line. The minister told that he asked the people from the food industry and restaurants to deliberate on the possibility of legal provision to fix the amount of food served.

By being specific about the amount or portions of food, people also would know how much to order, Paswan opined. However, he made it clear that the government doesna��t want to control anything and only doing this in the interest of the consumers.

The ministry is also planning to come up with a questionnaire, to be answered by hotels and restaurants on how much should be served and the amount of food a consumer can consume.

He also pointed out the Chinese restaurants which serve huge amounts of food. Hence they would also be invited to the meeting. The Minister told a leading newspaper that the PM is concerned about food wastage; therefore they are going to issue instructions to hotels on the amount of food to be served.

He also made it clear that these instructions would be applicable only to standard hotels and notA�dabhas.

Apart from this the government also should take up steps to prevent food wastage by providing proper storage facilities and issuing guidelines to transport food without getting wasted.


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