Centre pats Telangana Water Grid scheme

HYDERABAD: Water Grid – a flagship program of Telangana Government to provide safe drinking water to each household in the State – today got a pat from the Centre.

The Centre appreciated the Government for taking up such a prestigious project to quench the thirst of the common people, according to a release from the Chief Minister’s Office. It further stated that, the Centre circulated a note among other States to emulate Telangana Government’s water grid program. The State government earmarked 2,000 crore rupees in its budget and also got about 20,000 crore rupees from HUCDO and NABARD for implementation of the drinking water project, the Centre stated in the note.

Recently, a workshop on national rural water scheme touched upon the Water Grid being taken up by the Telangana Government. The Centre asked the States to study the scheme if it can be replicated, the release added.

Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao appreciated Panchayat Raj and Rural Water Supply departments for preparing such a project. He also asked the officials to construct intake wells, water pipelines and water treatment plants to support the water grid project,which has become ideal to other States. (NSS)

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