Centre hardens its stance over speaking to separatists

New Delhi: The NDA government, in contrary to its earlier stand of open talks with all stakeholders in Kashmir, now once again hardening its approach over speaking to separatists.

According to some news reports, the Centre now aims to a�?first establish the primacy of the Statea�? by suppressing A�attempts to topple an elected government through violence.

In NDA governmenta��s assessment, present unrest is quite different from those in the past as it has a�?excessive religious dimensionsa�? and its objective is to establish a�?a theocratic statea�?.

The governmenta��s earlier stance of open talks with all stakeholders was reiterated even on Wednesday by Union minister Jitendra Singh after a meeting of the all-party delegation that visited Jammu & Kashmir on September 4-5.

A�a�?There is a distinction between separatists and people. As far as people are concerned, we have full compassion. But when it comes to dealing with separatists, there is no scope of the government of India blinking,a�? said a senior government functionary, the reports say.

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