Centre De-Notifies NHW In Telangana As State Govt Chooses Liquor Over NHWs

As Telangana State government gets more income from liquor sales, it chose liquor over having national highways. Hence the government released gazette de-notifying national highways.

Hyderabad: Telangana government chose liquor shops over national highways. It has given away the national status which played a key role in the development of Telangana for liquor income. In a way, it indirectly clarified that income on liquor is more important to it than the lives of the people.

National highways are like arteries for development. When asked what it wanted, whether national highways or liquor, the Telangana government chose liquor that gets them income in thousands of crores. In lieu for its choice, the central government released a Gazette de-notifying three national highways. It has removed the national roadways that played a crucial role in the development of Telangana for many decades from the National Highways list. With this hundreds of crores funds sanctioned for building various structures on the national highways will have to be returned. The Telangana government lost a�? 335 crore rupees because of this. A�See Also:A�Is Vizag Becoming A Hotbed Of Corruption?

The Supreme Court directed that bars, wine shops and other shops that sell liquor must be removed from national highways as they are the prime reason for road accidents. In this context, Telangana government choosing liquor over national highways led to criticism.A� On the roadway de-notified by the Centre, there are five five-star hotels, 3 popular clubs and more than hundred liquor shops and bars. As the officials advised, if these are removed in accordance with the directions of the apex court, the State government is said to have taken this decision.

Around 55 KM long national highway was de-notified. The area from LB Nagar to Assembly which is 14km long on the NH 65, Assembly to Miyapur (19 kM), Hyderabad- Bangalore road NH 44 were de-notified. Because of this, they will be considered as local roadways. Along with these, Telangana government requested to de-notify the road between Uppal and Samshabad, Hayatnagar to Patancheru. However, the Centre is yet to take a decision on this. A�See Also:

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