Celebrities Condemn Drug Abuse Reports Against Them; Sabharwal Says No List Released

There has been an uproar in film circles following names of associates circulating in televisions and media over abuse of drugs. Many actors have taken affront to mention of their names, though they had not received any notice.

Hyderabad: Excise and Enforcement Director Akun SabharwalA�on FridayA�clarified that his department has not officially released any names of celebrities involved in the drugs abuse case. Television channels are agog over the names of film personalities emerging out in the case.

Sabharwal maintained that notices have been issued to some people in the drugs haul case, mentioning the date they have to make their appearance for interrogation. A total of four separate cases have been registered and notices issued to gather more evidence. Authorities have received acknowledgement of the notices having been served.

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Pointing out that he will be going on leave from 16thA�to 27th of this month, the Enforcement Director asserted that there was no relationship between his leave and investigations into the drugs case. The government is completely cooperating with the investigation, he added.

Meanwhile, many young heroes, whose names have been doing rounds in the social media and TV channels on Friday, have started condemning the allegationsA�against them. Tollywood bigwigs, including director Puri Jagannadh and actor Ravi Teja, are rumoured to be among those who have received notices from the Excise and Enforcement Department.

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Navdeep: Actor Navdeep, responding to such allegations on Twitter tweeted, a�?It is usual to sensationalise news as soon as there are film people involved (and) me being involved in events and working with some wrong event managers. I can understand why this happened! Ita��s a matter of time before this is sorteda�� requesting media and people to have patience.a�?

Subbaraju: Another actor Subbaraju said that he was surprised to know that his name was in Cavina��s call list. Acknowledging that he had received a notice on Thursday, he disclosed that he would present himself before the SIT on 21st. He hoped that there will be clarity within a week if people have patience. He asserted that no one in his circle uses drugs. a�?Let us wait and watch,a�? he remarked.

Tanish: Young hero Tanish expressed concern about the rumours doing rounds. Speaking to a news channel, he asserted that he had not been served any notice and questioned whether receiving notices amounts to a crime. If at all he receives a notice, he would present himself before the SIT.

Responding to the sensational news in media over the list of names from the film industry, MAA president Sivaji Raja expressed concern that even names of people who did not receive notices have appeared in the media. Accepting that some of the film personnel had received notices, he said it is not fair to punish innocent people. He appealed to media to exercise restraint when telecasting names.

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Nandu: Actor Nandu too clarified that he is in no way connected to drugs case. He said that he had not received any notice from officials and he doesna��t do drugs. He expressed doubts that some people might be trying to frame him in the case.

Art Director Chinna: Art Director Chinna too said that he was shocked to see his name doing the rounds. Asserting that he does not know anything about drugs, he too mentioned that he had not received any notice on the issue.

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    […] Speculations were rife on Friday that Sabharwal had been forced to go on leave in an attempt to sidetrack investigation into the case in which names of Telugu cine bigwigs, including Director Puri Jagannath, actor Ravi Teja and actress Charmi Kaur, had figured.   More: Celebrities Condemn Drug Abuse Reports Against Them; Sabharwal Says No List Released […]

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