Celebritiesa�� and politicians posing as gods

Lata Jain

A God Guise is a character pretending to be a supremely powerful being, or who is somehow mistaken for one. If the deception is intentional, this is almost always done to influence someone’s actions. And who would dare refuse to take directives from a�?this goda�?.

lata jain

Lata Jain

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has landed in trouble after a case was filed against him as he posed as Lord Vishnu for a business magazine, holding several things, including a shoe in his hands.

MS Dhoni was, last year, seen on the cover of a business magazine and the Karnataka High Court filed a case for a�?denigratinga�? a Hindu God.

He is not the only one. During elections Telangana CM posed as Krishna and a tall picture was put up on the necklace road of Tank bund in Hyderabad. Some villagers who had visited Hyderabad mistook it to be Lord Krishnaa��s picture and started praying as she lost her purse.

Lot of women told me that they find KCR in God avatar outside TRS office sexier than Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, said RGV who loves controversies.

The God Guise can be carried out in a variety of ways ranging from good use; a fancy costume with special effects less gullible victims might issue a test of divinity to challenge the pretender’s claim to divinity.

Jayakumar Hiremath, an RTI activist, had filed the case against Dhoni and five editorial staff of the magazine for hurting sentiments of Hindus.

“A celebrity and a cricketer like Dhoni should know the consequences of hurting the religious sentiments of people. He should have known the consequences of doing such ads,” Justice A N VenugopalA�Gowda.

The judge said there is a growing craze for for making money. “The value of the game (cricket) has hit rock-bottom. Since celebrities are involved, the younger lot will automatically be attracted. Is there any policy to restrain this trend?” the judge asked.

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