Cattle Trade Regulations To Curtail Freedom Of Farmers, Traders

Another controversial decision was announced by the union government to regulate sale of cattle. It will hit meat and leather industries.

New Delhi: The ban imposed by the Union Government on the sale of cattle for slaughter at market places has come as a surprise. The regulations announced by the NDA Government on Friday would cover bulls, bullocks, buffaloes, steers, heifers and camels besides, of course, cows. Cattle can be sold to genuine farmers who would prove his credential with proper documents. Unfit animals cannot be sold.

In the changed definition cattle includes buffaloes too.

According to statistics, the slaughter houses get only ten per cent of the cattle directly from the farmers and the rest of 90 per cent from markets.  Now, the traders will have to give a written undertaking that he is purchasing the cows for agriculture and not for slaughtering. Which means only transactions between the cattle owners will be allowed.

The regulations announced by the Environment ministry would hit the beef export market. India is number one beef exporting country in the world today. The poor farmers are likely to face problems because of the regulations. The decision is part of the RSS agenda, according to critics. The new rules do not impose blanket ban on cattle trade or cow slaughter. The worst affected would be the Muslim meat and leather traders. Farmers also will be affected since they are not allowed to sell non-mulching and aged cattle.

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